Mastering NGINX - Second Edition

Dimitri Aivaliotis


Key Features

  • Get tips, tricks, and master insight to help you configure NGINX for any server situation
  • Integrate NGINX into your applications architecture with is, using hands-on guidance and practical code samples that are free to use
  • Troubleshoot configuration problems before and as they arise, for a seamless NGINX server experience

Book Description

NGINX is a high-performance HTTP server and mail proxy designed to use very few system resources. But despite its power it is often a challenge to properly configure NGINX to meet your expectations. Mastering Nginx is the solution – an insider’s guide that will clarify the murky waters of NGINX’s configuration. Tune NGINX for various situations, improve your NGINX experience with some of the more obscure configuration directives, and discover how to design and personalize a configuration to match your needs.

To begin with, quickly brush up on installing and setting up the NGINX server on the OS and its integration with third-party modules. From here, move on to explain NGINX's mail proxy module and its authentication, and reverse proxy to solve scaling issues. Then see how to integrate NGINX with your applications to perform tasks.

The latter part of the book focuses on working through techniques to solve common web issues and the know-hows using NGINX modules. Finally, we will also explore different configurations that will help you troubleshoot NGINX server and assist with performance tuning.

What you will learn

  • Compile the right third-party module to meet your needs
  • Write an authentication server to use with the mail proxy module
  • Create your own SSL certificates to encrypt connections
  • Use try_files to solve your file-existence check problems
  • Cache and compress responses to get speedier user interaction
  • Integrate popular PHP frameworks with the FastCGI module
  • Construct useful logging configurations

About the Author

Dimitri Aivaliotis is a production engineer in Silicon Valley. His career has taken him from building a Linux-based computer network for a school up through multi-datacenter, high-availability infrastructures for banks and popular websites. He has spent over a decade solving his customers' problems and learned NGINX along the way.

Dimitri graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and received an MS in Management Information Systems at Florida State University.

Table of Contents

  1. Installing NGINX and Third-Party Modules
  2. A Configuration Guide
  3. Using the mail Module
  4. NGINX as a Reverse Proxy
  5. Reverse Proxy Advanced Topics
  6. The NGINX HTTP Server
  7. NGINX for the Application Developer
  8. Integrating Lua with NGINX
  9. Troubleshooting Techniques
  10. Directive Reference
  11. The Rewrite Rule Guide
  12. The NGINX Community
  13. Persisting Solaris Network Tunings



  • 獲得提示、技巧和專家見解,幫助您配置NGINX以應對任何伺服器情況

  • 使用實用的指導和實際代碼示例將NGINX集成到應用程式架構中,並且可以免費使用

  • 在出現問題之前和之後解決配置問題,實現無縫的NGINX伺服器體驗






  • 編譯合適的第三方模組以滿足您的需求

  • 編寫用於郵件代理模組的驗證伺服器

  • 創建自己的SSL憑證以加密連接

  • 使用try_files解決文件存在檢查問題

  • 緩存和壓縮響應以獲得更快的用戶互動

  • 將流行的PHP框架與FastCGI模組集成

  • 構建有用的日誌配置


Dimitri Aivaliotis是矽谷的一名生產工程師。他的職業生涯從為學校建立基於Linux的計算機網絡開始,一直到為銀行和熱門網站構建多數據中心、高可用性基礎設施。他花了十多年的時間解決客戶的問題,並在此過程中學習了NGINX。

Dimitri以物理學學士學位(榮譽畢業)畢業於Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,並在Florida State University獲得管理信息系統碩士學位。


  1. 安裝NGINX和第三方模組

  2. 配置指南

  3. 使用郵件模組

  4. NGINX作為反向代理

  5. 反向代理進階主題

  6. NGINX HTTP伺服器

  7. 應用程式開發人員的NGINX

  8. 將Lua與NGINX集成

  9. 故障排除技術

  10. 指令參考

  11. 重寫規則指南

  12. NGINX社區

  13. 持久化Solaris網路調優