Unity Animation Essentials (Paperback)

Alan Thorn




Bring your characters to life with the latest features of Unity and Mecanim

About This Book

  • Learn the latest features of Unity 5 to develop the most amazing animations for all types of games
  • Refine your character animations by applying more advanced workflows and techniques with Mecanim
  • A comprehensive book that explores core animation concepts and demonstrates their practical application in games

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at hobbyists, students, and game development professionals familiar with the Unity basics, looking to extend their skills and knowledge in the field of real-time game animation. You will need to be familiar with level design and basic scripting in C# and have a good knowledge of game development.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the latest features of Unity 5 such as state machines, meshes, and animation graphs
  • Move, transform, and change objects over time using script files
  • Use the animation editor and curve tools
  • Import and configure externally created animations for use in Unity scenes
  • See how to link animations to C# script
  • Animate cameras and create a particle system
  • Produce sophisticated sprite animations for both 2D and 3D games
  • Apply more advanced workflows and techniques to refine character animations

In Detail

Unity is a feature-rich, fully-integrated development engine that provides out-of-the-box functionality for the creation of interactive 3D content. It is an exciting engine that has a rich and sophisticated animation system called Mecanim.

Unity Animation Essentials offers a comprehensive introduction to powerful animation tools and principles in Unity, which can be used to make great games. This book starts by exploring core animation concepts and then dives deeper to demonstrate their practical application in real-time games. This book shares extensive and useful insights to create animations using a professional grade workflow, and to create responses and interactive scenes. Each chapter focuses on a specific range of topics, from timing and events to character animation and particle systems.

By the end of the book, you should be able to fully utilize the powers of Mecanim and Unity.