Game Development with Swift (Paperback)

Stephen Haney

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Embrace the mobile gaming revolution and bring your iPhone game ideas to life with Swift

About This Book

  • Create and design games for iPhone and iPad using SpriteKit
  • Learn all of the fundamentals of SpriteKit game development and mix and match techniques to customize your game
  • Follow a step-by-step walk-through of a finished SpriteKit game, from clicking on "New Project” to publishing it on the App Store

Who This Book Is For

If you wish to create and publish fun iOS games using Swift, then this book is for you. You should be familiar with basic programming concepts. However, no prior game development or Apple ecosystem experience is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Deliver powerful graphics, physics, and sound in your game by using SpriteKit
  • Explore drawing and animation techniques for fun and quick results
  • Read and react to various forms of player input including physical device tilt and touch recognition
  • Master Apple's IDE, Xcode, and the accompanying toolset
  • Polish your menus and HUD to make your game stand out
  • Integrate your game with Game Center so that your players can share their high scores and achievements
  • Maximize gameplay with little-known tips and strategies for fun and repeatable action
  • Publish your hard work to the App Store and enjoy as people play your games

In Detail

Apple's new programming language, Swift, is fast, safe, accessible―the perfect choice for game development! Packed with best practices and easy-to-use examples, this book leads you step by step through the development of your first Swift game.

The book starts by introducing Swift's best features for game development. Then, you will learn how to animate sprites and textures. Along the way, you will master the physics framework, add the player character and NPCs, and implement controls. Towards the end of the book, you will polish your game with fun menus, integrate with Apple Game Center for leaderboards and achievements, and then finally, learn how to publish your finished games to the App Store. By the end of this book, you will be able to create your own iOS games using Swift and SpriteKit.




- 使用SpriteKit為iPhone和iPad創建和設計遊戲
- 學習SpriteKit遊戲開發的所有基礎知識,並混合和匹配技巧來自定義您的遊戲
- 從點擊“新項目”到在App Store上發布,逐步完成一個SpriteKit遊戲的演示



- 通過使用SpriteKit在遊戲中提供強大的圖形、物理和聲音效果
- 探索繪圖和動畫技術,以獲得有趣且快速的結果
- 讀取和響應各種形式的玩家輸入,包括物理設備傾斜和觸摸識別
- 掌握蘋果的IDE Xcode和相應的工具集
- 通過精緻的菜單和HUD使您的遊戲脫穎而出
- 將您的遊戲與Game Center集成,讓玩家可以分享他們的高分和成就
- 通過一些鮮為人知的技巧和策略,最大程度地提升遊戲體驗
- 將您的辛勤工作發布到App Store,並享受人們玩您的遊戲的樂趣



本書首先介紹了Swift在遊戲開發中的最佳功能。然後,您將學習如何為精靈和紋理添加動畫效果。在此過程中,您將掌握物理框架,添加玩家角色和NPC,並實現控制。在本書的最後,您將通過有趣的菜單來完善您的遊戲,與蘋果遊戲中心集成以獲得排行榜和成就,最後學習如何將您完成的遊戲發布到App Store。通過閱讀本書,您將能夠使用Swift和SpriteKit創建自己的iOS遊戲。