Troubleshooting Docker(Paperback)

Vaibhav Kohli, Rajdeep Dua, John Wooten

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  • 出版日期: 2017-03-31
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 290
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1783552344
  • ISBN-13: 9781783552344
  • 相關分類: Docker
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Key Features

  • Docker programming and installation of ecosystem tools and services, Microservices and N-tier applications
  • Creating re-usable, portable containers with help of automation tools
  • Learning about using Docker in production projects
  • Functions of network and inter-link containers
  • Attaching volumes securely to containers
  • Consuming and troubleshooting Docker APIs
  • Troubleshooting issue of Docker deployment in Public cloud
  • Easing the process of container management with Kubernetes

Who is this book for

  • Experienced solutions architects, developers, DevOps engineers, programmers, system engineers and administrators
  • Those with advanced familiarity with the Linux command line syntax, unit testing, the Docker Registry, Github and leading container hosting platforms and Cloud Service Providers (CSP)
  • Anyone looking to build production-ready Docker containers for automated deployment

What will you learn

You'll learn both the basic functions and advanced features for staying safe with Docker. From designing and troubleshooting to automating containers from development to deployment, learn how to effectively containerize and manage Docker.

Who is the Author

A meeting of the minds when it comes to Docker, Vaibhav Kohli, Rajdeep Dua and John Wooten all have impressive experience in the field. With leading involvement in IoT, Big Data, Cloud and open source technology, their expansive knowledge makes for a truly insightful source for troubleshooting Docker.



- Docker 程式設計和生態系統工具和服務的安裝,微服務和 N 層應用程式
- 使用自動化工具創建可重複使用、可攜帶的容器
- 學習在生產專案中使用 Docker
- 網絡和互聯容器的功能
- 安全地將卷附加到容器
- 使用和疑難排解 Docker API
- 疑難排解在公共雲中部署 Docker 的問題
- 使用 Kubernetes 簡化容器管理流程


- 有經驗的解決方案架構師、開發人員、DevOps 工程師、程式設計師、系統工程師和管理員
- 熟悉 Linux 命令行語法、單元測試、Docker Registry、Github 和領先的容器托管平台和雲服務提供商(CSP)
- 任何希望建立用於自動部署的生產就緒 Docker 容器的人


你將學習 Docker 的基本功能和高級功能,以確保使用 Docker 的安全性。從設計和疑難排解到從開發到部署的容器自動化,學習如何有效地容器化和管理 Docker。


Vaibhav Kohli、Rajdeep Dua 和 John Wooten 在 Docker 領域都有豐富的經驗,他們在物聯網、大數據、雲和開源技術方面都有領先的參與。他們的廣泛知識使他們成為疑難排解 Docker 的寶貴資源。