Elasticsearch Essentials(Paperback)

Bharvi Dixit

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  • 出版日期: 2016-01-29
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 240
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1784391018
  • ISBN-13: 9781784391010
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Harness the power of ElasticSearch to build and manage scalable search and analytics solutions with this fast-paced guide

About This Book

  • New to ElasticSearch? Here's what you need―a highly practical guide that gives you a quick start with ElasticSearch using easy-to-follow examples; get up and running with ElasticSearch APIs in no time
  • Get the latest guide on ElasticSearch 2.0.0, which contains concise and adequate information on handling all the issues a developer needs to know while handling data in bulk with search relevancy
  • Learn to create large-scale ElasticSearch clusters using best practices
  • Learn from our experts―written by Bharvi Dixit who has extensive experience in working with search servers (especially ElasticSearch)

Who This Book Is For

Anyone who wants to build efficient search and analytics applications can choose this book. This book is also beneficial for skilled developers, especially ones experienced with Lucene or Solr, who now want to learn Elasticsearch quickly.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to know about advanced Elasticsearch concepts and its REST APIs
  • Write CRUD operations and other search functionalities using the ElasticSearch Python and Java clients
  • Dig into wide range of queries and find out how to use them correctly
  • Design schema and mappings with built-in and custom analyzers
  • Excel in data modeling concepts and query optimization
  • Master document relationships and geospatial data
  • Build analytics using aggregations
  • Setup and scale Elasticsearch clusters using best practices
  • Learn to take data backups and secure Elasticsearch clusters

In Detail

With constantly evolving and growing datasets, organizations have the need to find actionable insights for their business. ElasticSearch, which is the world's most advanced search and analytics engine, brings the ability to make massive amounts of data usable in a matter of milliseconds. It not only gives you the power to build blazing fast search solutions over a massive amount of data, but can also serve as a NoSQL data store.

This guide will take you on a tour to become a competent developer quickly with a solid knowledge level and understanding of the ElasticSearch core concepts. Starting from the beginning, this book will cover these core concepts, setting up ElasticSearch and various plugins, working with analyzers, and creating mappings. This book provides complete coverage of working with ElasticSearch using Python and performing CRUD operations and aggregation-based analytics, handling document relationships in the NoSQL world, working with geospatial data, and taking data backups. Finally, we'll show you how to set up and scale ElasticSearch clusters in production environments as well as providing some best practices.

Style and approach

This is an easy-to-follow guide with practical examples and clear explanations of the concepts. This fast-paced book believes in providing very rich content focusing majorly on practical implementation. This book will provide you with step-by-step practical examples, letting you know about the common errors and solutions along with ample screenshots and code to ensure your success.


發揮 ElasticSearch 的強大功能,使用這本節奏快速的指南來建立和管理可擴展的搜索和分析解決方案。

- 如果你對 ElasticSearch 不熟悉,這本高度實用的指南將以易於理解的示例快速帶你入門 ElasticSearch,讓你在短時間內使用 ElasticSearch API。
- 獲取最新的 ElasticSearch 2.0.0 指南,其中包含處理大量數據和搜索相關性時開發人員需要了解的所有問題的簡潔而充足的信息。
- 學習使用最佳實踐創建大規模的 ElasticSearch 集群。
- 從我們的專家那裡學習 - 由在搜索服務器(尤其是 ElasticSearch)方面擁有豐富經驗的 Bharvi Dixit 撰寫。

本書適合對構建高效的搜索和分析應用程序感興趣的任何人。對於有經驗的開發人員,特別是熟悉 Lucene 或 Solr 的開發人員,現在想快速學習 ElasticSearch 的人也會受益。

- 了解高級 ElasticSearch 概念及其 REST API。
- 使用 ElasticSearch 的 Python 和 Java 客戶端編寫 CRUD 操作和其他搜索功能。
- 深入研究各種查詢,並了解如何正確使用它們。
- 使用內置和自定義分析器設計模式和映射。
- 精通數據建模概念和查詢優化。
- 掌握文檔關係和地理空間數據。
- 使用聚合構建分析。
- 使用最佳實踐設置和擴展 ElasticSearch 集群。
- 學習進行數據備份和保護 ElasticSearch 集群。

隨著不斷演進和增長的數據集,組織需要找到對其業務有用的可行洞察。ElasticSearch 是世界上最先進的搜索和分析引擎,能夠在毫秒級時間內使大量數據可用。它不僅能夠在大量數據上構建極快的搜索解決方案,還可以作為 NoSQL 數據存儲。

本指南將帶你快速成為一名熟練的開發人員,具有扎實的 ElasticSearch 核心概念知識和理解。從一開始,本書將涵蓋這些核心概念,設置 ElasticSearch 和各種插件,使用分析器和創建映射。本書完整介紹了使用 Python 進行 ElasticSearch 的 CRUD 操作和基於聚合的分析,處理 NoSQL 世界中的文檔關係,處理地理空間數據以及進行數據備份。最後,我們將向您展示如何在生產環境中設置和擴展 ElasticSearch 集群,並提供一些最佳實踐。