Learning Java by Building Android Games - Explore Java Through Mobile Game Development

John Horton

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  • 出版日期: 2015-01-29
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  • ISBN-13: 9781784398859
  • 相關分類: AndroidJava 程式語言
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Key Features

  • Acquaint yourself with Java and object-oriented programming, from zero previous experience
  • Build four cool games for your phone and tablet, from retro arcade-style games to memory and education games, and gain the knowledge to design and create your own games too
  • Walk through the fundamentals of building games and use that experience as a springboard to study advanced game development or just have fun

Book Description

Android is the fastest growing operating system (OS) with one of the largest installed bases of any mobile OS. Android uses one of the most popular programming languages, Java, as the primary language for building apps of all types. So, you should first obtain a solid grasp of the Java language and its foundation APIs to improve the chances of succeeding as an Android app developer.

This book will show you how to get your Android development environment set up and you will soon have your first working game. The difficulty level grows steadily with the introduction of key Java topics such as loops, methods, and OOP. You'll then use them in the development of games. You will learn how to build a math test game, a Simon-like memory game, a retro pong-style game, and for the grand finale, a Snake-style, retro arcade game with real Google Play leaderboards and achievements. The book has a hands-on approach and is packed with screenshots.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up an efficient, professional game development environment in Android Studio
  • Build your very own Android UI using easy to-use tools in Android Studio
  • Add real-time interaction with Java threads and implement locking/handling screen rotation, pixel graphics, clicks, animation, sound FX, and many other features in your games
  • Explore object-oriented programming (OOP) and design scalable, reliable, and well-written Java games or apps on almost any Android device
  • Build and deploy a graphical pong-style game using advanced OOP concepts
  • Explore APIs and implement advanced features such as online leaderboards and achievements using Google game services
  • Make your game compelling to be the next big hit on Google Play market with a content update strategy and in-game marketing

About the Author

John Horton is a technology enthusiast based in UK. When he is not writing apps, books, or blog articles for Game Code School, he can usually be found playing computer games or indulging in a Nerf war.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Java, Android, and Games?
  2. Getting Started with Android
  3. Speaking Java â⠬â Your First Game
  4. Discovering Loops and Methods
  5. Gaming and Java Essentials
  6. OOP â⠬â Using Other People's Hard Work
  7. Retro Squash Game
  8. The Snake Game
  9. Making Your Game the next Big Thing



  • 從零開始,熟悉Java和物件導向編程,無需任何經驗

  • 為您的手機和平板電腦建立四個酷炫的遊戲,從復古街機風格的遊戲到記憶和教育遊戲,並獲得設計和創建自己遊戲的知識

  • 通過建立遊戲的基礎知識,作為學習高級遊戲開發的跳板,或者只是為了好玩



本書將向您展示如何設置Android開發環境,並很快擁有您的第一個可運行的遊戲。隨著引入循環、方法和面向對象編程等關鍵Java主題,難度逐步增加。然後,您將在遊戲開發中使用它們。您將學習如何構建數學測試遊戲、類似Simon的記憶遊戲、復古乒乓球風格的遊戲,以及最後的終極遊戲——類似貪吃蛇的復古街機遊戲,具有真實的Google Play排行榜和成就。本書以實踐為主,並附有屏幕截圖。


  • 在Android Studio中建立高效、專業的遊戲開發環境

  • 使用Android Studio中易於使用的工具構建自己的Android UI

  • 在遊戲中實現Java線程的實時交互,並實現鎖定/處理屏幕旋轉、像素圖形、點擊、動畫、音效等功能

  • 探索面向對象編程(OOP),並在幾乎任何Android設備上設計可擴展、可靠且寫得好的Java遊戲或應用程序

  • 使用高級OOP概念構建和部署圖形乒乓球風格的遊戲

  • 探索API並實現高級功能,例如使用Google遊戲服務的在線排行榜和成就

  • 通過內容更新策略和遊戲內營銷,使您的遊戲成為Google Play市場的下一個熱門遊戲


John Horton是一位居住在英國的科技愛好者。當他不在為Game Code School寫應用程序、書籍或博客文章時,他通常會玩電腦遊戲或參加Nerf戰爭。


  1. 為什麼選擇Java、Android和遊戲?

  2. 開始使用Android

  3. 學習Java——您的第一個遊戲

  4. 探索循環和方法

  5. 遊戲和Java基礎知識

  6. 面向對象編程——使用他人的努力

  7. 復古壁球遊戲

  8. 貪吃蛇遊戲

  9. 使您的遊戲成為下一個熱門遊戲