VMware Performance and Capacity Management Second Edition

Iwan 'e1' Rahabok

  • 出版商: Packt Publishing
  • 出版日期: 2016-03-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 546
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1785880314
  • ISBN-13: 9781785880315
  • 相關分類: 虛擬化技術 Virtualization
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Master SDDC Operations with proven best practices

About This Book

  • Understand the drawbacks of the traditional paradigm and management that make operations difficult in SDDC
  • Master performance and capacity management in Software-Defined Data Center
  • Operationalize performance and capacity monitoring with proven dashboards

Who This Book Is For

This book is primarily for any system administrator or cloud infrastructure specialist who is interested in performance management and capacity management using VMware technologies. This book will also help IT professionals whose area of responsibility is not VMware, but who work with the VMware team. You can be Windows, Linux, Storage, or Network team; or application architects. Note that prior exposure to the VMware platform of data-center and cloud-based solutions is expected.

What You Will Learn

  • Simplify the task of performance and capacity management
  • Master the counters in vCenter and vRealize Operations and understand their dependency on one another
  • Educate your peers and management on SDDC Operations
  • Complete your SDDC monitoring to include non-VMware components
  • Perform SDDC performance troubleshooting
  • Explore real-life examples of how super metric and advanced dashboards
  • Introduce and implement a Performance SLA
  • Accomplish your Capacity Management by taking into service tiering and performance SLA

In Detail

Performance management and capacity management are the two top-most issues faced by enterprise IT when doing virtualization. Until the first edition of the book, there was no in-depth coverage on the topic to tackle the issues systematically. The second edition expands the first edition, with added information and reorganizing the book into three logical parts.

The first part provides the technical foundation of SDDC Management. It explains the difference between a software-defined data center and a classic physical data center, and how it impacts both architecture and operations. From this strategic view, it zooms into the most common challenges-performance management and capacity management. It introduces a new concept called Performance SLA and also a new way of doing capacity management.

The next part provides the actual solution that you can implement in your environment. It puts the theories together and provides real-life examples created together with customers. It provides the reasons behind each dashboard, so that you get the understanding on why it is required and what problem it solves.

The last part acts as a reference section. It provides a complete reference to vSphere and vRealize Operations counters, explaining their dependencies and providing practical guidance on the values you should expect in a healthy environment.


以實踐最佳實踐來掌握 SDDC 運營


  • 了解傳統範式和管理的缺點,這使得 SDDC 的運營變得困難

  • 掌握軟體定義數據中心的性能和容量管理

  • 使用經過驗證的儀表板實現性能和容量監控的運營化


本書主要針對系統管理員或雲基礎架構專家,他們對使用 VMware 技術進行性能管理和容量管理感興趣。本書還將幫助那些負責領域不是 VMware,但與 VMware 團隊合作的 IT 專業人士。您可以是 Windows、Linux、存儲或網絡團隊,或應用架構師。請注意,預期讀者對 VMware 數據中心和基於雲的解決方案平台有所了解。


  • 簡化性能和容量管理任務

  • 掌握 vCenter 和 vRealize Operations 中的計數器,並了解它們彼此之間的依賴關係

  • 教育您的同事和管理層關於 SDDC 運營

  • 完善您的 SDDC 監控,包括非 VMware 組件

  • 執行 SDDC 性能故障排除

  • 探索超級指標和高級儀表板的實際示例

  • 引入並實施性能 SLA

  • 通過考慮服務分層和性能 SLA 完成容量管理


在虛擬化時,性能管理和容量管理是企業 IT 面臨的兩個最重要的問題。在第一版書籍之前,尚未有深入涵蓋此主題以系統地解決問題的資訊。第二版擴展了第一版,增加了更多資訊並將書籍重新組織為三個邏輯部分。

第一部分提供了 SDDC 管理的技術基礎。它解釋了軟體定義數據中心和傳統物理數據中心之間的差異,以及它們對架構和運營的影響。從這個戰略視角出發,它深入探討了最常見的挑戰-性能管理和容量管理。它介紹了一個名為性能 SLA 的新概念,以及一種新的容量管理方法。


最後一部分作為參考部分。它提供了對 vSphere 和 vRealize Operations 計數器的完整參考,解釋它們的依賴關係並提供有關在健康環境中應該期望的值的實用指導。