Tableau 10.0 Best Practices

Jenny Zhang

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  • 出版日期: 2016-12-14
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Key Features

  • Quickly learn tips, tricks, and best practices about Tableau from Tableau masters
  • Whether it is data blending or complex calculations, you can solve your problem with ease and confidence; no more searching for a help doc or waiting for support
  • If you want to quickly master Tableau, then this book is for you

Book Description

Tableau has emerged as an industry leader in the field of data discovery and business analytic software solutions. While there is a lot of information on how to use the tool, most Tableau users are faced with the challenge on how it can be effectively used to derive meaningful business insights from the uncharted territory of data.

This book will give you useful tips from Tableau masters learned from years of experience working with Tableau. You’ll start by getting your data into Tableau, move on to generating progressively complex visualizations, and end with finishing touches and packaging your work for distribution.

Inside you will learn the exact steps required to solve complex real-life problems. Whether it is data blending or complex calculations, you can solve your problem with ease and confidence; no more searching for Help doc or waiting for support. This book will help you make the most of Tableau and become a Tableau expert.

What you will learn

  • Connect to variety of data (cloud and local) and blend it in an efficient way for fast analytics
  • Advanced calculations such as LOD calculations and Table calculations
  • See advanced use cases of Parameter, Sorting, and Filters
  • Get practical tips on how to format dashboards following the Zen of dashboard design
  • See examples of a variety of visualizations such as cohort analysis, Jitters chart, and multiple small charts
  • See the new features in Tableau 10—cross data source filter, worksheet as tooltip, cluster, and custom territory

About the Author

Jenny Zhang is a technology professional with 6+ years' experience of data and analytics and currently working at JW Plater as Business Analytics Manager. She is a data strategist and technologist, Tableau and Alteryx community advocate, blogger. She had a series of blog posts about Tableau best practices at

Jenny is also passion about Big data. She had a series of blog posts about Big Data, NoSQL, Spark, Hadoop, and Yarn at

Personal Site:


Table of Contents

  1. Data Extraction
  2. Data Blending
  3. Calculation/Parameter
  4. Sort and Filter
  5. Formatting
  6. Visualization
  7. Dashboard
  8. Performance
  9. Permission
  10. New features in Tableau 10



  • 從Tableau大師那裡快速學習有關Tableau的技巧、訣竅和最佳實踐

  • 無論是數據混合還是複雜計算,您都可以輕鬆自信地解決問題,不再需要搜索幫助文檔或等待支援

  • 如果您想快速掌握Tableau,那麼這本書就是為您而寫的






  • 連接各種數據(雲端和本地)並以高效的方式進行數據混合,以進行快速分析

  • 高級計算,如LOD計算和Table計算

  • 查看參數、排序和過濾器的高級用例

  • 獲得有關如何按照儀表板設計的禪意進行儀表板格式化的實用技巧

  • 查看各種可視化示例,如群體分析、抖動圖和多個小圖表

  • 查看Tableau 10中的新功能-跨數據源過濾器、工作表作為工具提示、集群和自定義區域


Jenny Zhang是一位擁有6年以上數據和分析經驗的技術專業人士,目前在JW Plater擔任業務分析經理。她是一位數據策略師和技術專家,也是Tableau和Alteryx社區的倡導者和博主。她在上有一系列關於Tableau最佳實踐的博客文章。





  1. 數據提取

  2. 數據混合

  3. 計算/參數

  4. 排序和過濾

  5. 格式化

  6. 可視化

  7. 儀表板

  8. 性能

  9. 權限

  10. Tableau 10中的新功能