React Native Cookbook

Stan Bershadskiy, Crysfel Villa


Key Features

  • Build rich and engaging user experiences in React Native while maintaining peak application performance
  • Leverage the best of iOS and Android for React Native development while maximizing code reuse and cohesion
  • Implement architecture patterns in your React Native application that support efficient data access, routing, and testing

Book Description

React has taken the web development world by storm, and it is only natural that the unique architecture and its ecosystem of third-party support be applied to native application development. This book will take you through the basics of React Native development all the way through to some more advanced components.

This book covers topics in React Native ranging from adding basic UI components to successfully deploying for multiple target platforms. The book follows a top-down approach beginning with building rich user interfaces. These UIs will be created with both built-in and custom components that you will create, style, and animate.

You will then learn about different strategies for working with data, including leveraging the popular Redux library and optimizing the performance of the application. Then, you will step further into exposing native device functionality. Finally, we will discuss how to put your application into production and maintain its reliability.

What you will learn

  • Build simple and complex UIs using React Native
  • Create advanced animations for UI components
  • Build universal apps that run on phones and tablets
  • Leverage Redux to manage application flow and data
  • Expose both custom native UI components and application logic to React Native
  • Integrate with existing native applications on iOS and Android
  • Deploy your React Native application to the Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Add automated testing to your React Native application

About the Author

Stan Bershadskiy is an architect at Modus Create and holds a Master's in Computer Science from NYIT. While doing full-stack development, he found working on the frontend most enjoyable because of the speed one can develop and switch focus toward JavaScript. Stan likes to involve himself in anything JavaScript-related, particularly around building rich applications for desktop, web, and mobile. He is located in New York City and can be found co-organizing NYC.JS meetups. More recently, he has focused on promoting React Native by presenting at conferences and publishing blog posts. You can follow him on Twitter at @stan229.

Crysfel Villa is a senior software engineer at Modus Create. He's a passionate JavaScript coder and an accomplished software developer with over 10 years of experience in technical training, consulting, and systems analysis. Crysfel loves to write about emerging technologies and he has deployed several apps to the Apple Store using React Native. He currently lives in NY and can be found attending tech meetups throughout the city. You can follow him on Twitter at @crysfel.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Implementing Complex User Interfaces
  3. Animating the User Interface
  4. Working with Application Logic and Data
  5. Implementing Redux
  6. Architecting for Multiple Platforms
  7. Integration with Applications
  8. Deploying Our App
  9. Automated Testing
  10. Optimizing the Performance of Our App



  • 在 React Native 中建立豐富且引人入勝的使用者體驗,同時保持應用程式的最佳效能

  • 利用 iOS 和 Android 的最佳功能進行 React Native 開發,同時最大化程式碼的重用性和連貫性

  • 在 React Native 應用程式中實現支援高效數據訪問、路由和測試的架構模式


React 已經風靡了網頁開發世界,將其獨特的架構和第三方支援生態系統應用於原生應用程式開發是理所當然的。本書將帶領您從 React Native 開發的基礎知識一直深入到一些更高級的元件。

本書涵蓋了 React Native 的各種主題,從添加基本的使用者介面元件到成功部署到多個目標平台。本書採用自上而下的方法,從建立豐富的使用者介面開始。這些使用者介面將使用內建和自定義元件來創建、設計和動畫化。

接著,您將學習不同的數據處理策略,包括利用流行的 Redux 函式庫和優化應用程式的效能。然後,您將更進一步地暴露原生設備功能。最後,我們將討論如何將應用程式投入生產並保持其可靠性。


  • 使用 React Native 建立簡單和複雜的使用者介面

  • 為使用者介面元件創建高級動畫

  • 建立可在手機和平板電腦上運行的通用應用程式

  • 利用 Redux 管理應用程式的流程和數據

  • 將自定義原生使用者介面元件和應用程式邏輯暴露給 React Native

  • 在 iOS 和 Android 上與現有原生應用程式整合

  • 將 React Native 應用程式部署到 Google Play 和 Apple App Store

  • 為 React Native 應用程式添加自動化測試


Stan Bershadskiy 是 Modus Create 的架構師,擁有紐約理工學院的計算機科學碩士學位。在進行全棧開發時,他發現前端開發最令人愉快,因為可以快速開發並專注於 JavaScript。Stan 喜歡參與任何與 JavaScript 相關的事物,特別是構建桌面、網頁和移動應用程式。他位於紐約市,並且經常參與 NYC.JS 的聚會。最近,他專注於推廣 React Native,並在各種會議上發表演講和發表博客文章。您可以在 Twitter 上關注他的動態,帳號為 @stan229。

Crysfel Villa 是 Modus Create 的高級軟體工程師。他是一位熱情的 JavaScript 程式設計師,擁有超過 10 年的技術培訓、諮詢和系統分析經驗。Crysfel 喜歡撰寫有關新興技術的文章,並使用 React Native 在 Apple Store 上部署了多個應用程式。他目前居住在紐約,經常參加城市中的技術聚會。您可以在 Twitter 上關注他的動態,帳號為 @crysfel。


  1. 入門

  2. 實現複雜的使用者介面

  3. 為使用者介面添加動畫效果

  4. 處理應用程式邏輯和數據

  5. 實現 Redux

  6. 為多個平台架構

  7. 與應用程式整合

  8. 部署應用程式

  9. 自動化測試

  10. 優化應用程式的效能