React Native Cookbook: Step-by-step recipes for solving common React Native development problems, 2nd Edition

Dan Ward

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  • 出版日期: 2019-01-31
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  • ISBN-13: 9781788991926
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Improve your React Native mobile development skills or transition from web development to mobile development with this practical solution-packed guide

Key Features

  • Learn strategies and techniques to face challenges in React Native mobile development head-on
  • Leverage the best ways to use iOS and Android for React Native development while maximizing code reuse and cohesion
  • Build engaging, performant user experiences with React Native

Book Description

If you are a developer looking to create mobile applications with maximized code reusability and minimized cost, then React Native is here to help. With this practical guide, you will be able to build attractive UIs, tackle common mobile development-related issues, and achieve improved performance in mobile environments.

This book starts with common techniques for React Native customization and helps you set up your development platforms. Over the course of the book, a wide variety of step-by-step recipes are designed with both built-in React Native and custom third-party components that you will create, style, and animate. You will create real-world browser-based authentication, build a fully functional audio player, and integrate with Google maps. You will also explore different strategies for working with data, including leveraging the popular Redux library and optimizing your app's dataflow. You will then get an introduction to writing native device functionality for new and already existing native projects.

Finally, you will learn how app deployment works, and tips and tricks for writing performant code. By the end of the book, you'll have gained enough knowledge to build full iOS and Android applications using React Native.

What you will learn

  • Build UI features and components using React Native
  • Create advanced animations for UI components
  • Develop universal apps that run on phones and tablets
  • Leverage Redux to manage application flow and data
  • Expose both custom native UI components and application logic to React Native
  • Employ open-source third-party plugins to create React Native apps more efficiently

Who this book is for

If you're a JavaScript developer looking for a practical guide with step-by-step tutorials for developing feature rich mobile apps using React Native, then this book is for you. Though not required, some experience working with React will help you more easily understand the React Native concepts covered in this book.

While React Native development can be done on a Windows machine, certain aspects, such as running your apps on iOS devices and in the iOS simulator, or editing native code with Xcode, can only be done with a Mac.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting Up Your Environment
  2. Creating a Simple React Native App
  3. Implementing Complex User Interfaces – Section 1
  4. Implementing Complex User Interfaces – Section 2
  5. Implementing Complex User Interfaces -- Section3
  6. Adding Basic Animations to Your App
  7. Adding Advanced Animations to Your App
  8. Working with Application Logic and Data
  9. Implementing Redux
  10. App Workflow and Third-Party Plugins
  11. Adding Native Functionality - Part I
  12. Adding Native Functionality - Part II
  13. Integration with Native Applications
  14. Deploying Your App
  15. Optimizing the Performance of Your App


提升您的React Native移動開發技能,或從網頁開發轉向移動開發,本實用解決方案導向的指南將為您提供豐富的解決方案。

- 學習應對React Native移動開發中的挑戰的策略和技巧
- 充分利用iOS和Android進行React Native開發,最大程度地重用和統一代碼
- 使用React Native構建引人入勝且高性能的用戶體驗

如果您是一名開發人員,希望創建具有最大代碼可重用性和最小成本的移動應用程序,那麼React Native將能夠幫助您。通過這本實用指南,您將能夠構建具有吸引力的用戶界面,解決常見的移動開發相關問題,並在移動環境中實現更好的性能。

本書從React Native自定義的常見技術開始,幫助您設置開發平台。在本書的過程中,您將使用內置的React Native和自定義的第三方組件進行各種逐步指南,創建、設計和動畫化。您將創建真實世界的基於瀏覽器的身份驗證,構建完全功能的音頻播放器,並與Google地圖集成。您還將探索不同的數據處理策略,包括利用流行的Redux庫和優化應用程序的數據流。然後,您將介紹如何為新的和現有的本地項目編寫本地設備功能。

最後,您將學習應用程序部署的工作原理,以及編寫高性能代碼的技巧。通過本書,您將獲得足夠的知識,使用React Native構建完整的iOS和Android應用程序。

- 使用React Native構建UI功能和組件
- 為UI組件創建高級動畫
- 開發可在手機和平板電腦上運行的通用應用程序
- 利用Redux管理應用程序流程和數據
- 同時公開自定義本地UI組件和應用程序邏輯給React Native
- 使用開源第三方插件更高效地創建React Native應用程序

本書適合對React Native感興趣的JavaScript開發人員,並提供了逐步教程,幫助您開發功能豐富的移動應用程序。雖然不需要,但具有React開發經驗將有助於更容易理解本書中涵蓋的React Native概念。

雖然React Native開發可以在Windows機器上進行,但某些方面,例如在iOS設備和iOS模擬器上運行應用程序,或使用Xcode編輯本地代碼,只能在Mac上完成。

1. 環境設置
2. 創建簡單的React Native應用程序
3. 實現複雜的用戶界面-第1部分
4. 實現複雜的用戶界面-第2部分
5. 實現複雜的用戶界面-第3部分
6. 向應用程序添加基本動畫
7. 向應用程序添加高級動畫
8. 處理應用程序邏輯和數據
9. 實現Redux
10. 應用程序工作流程和第三方插件
11. 添加本地功能-第1部分
12. 添加本地功能-第2部分
13. 與本地應用程序集成
14. 部署應用程序
15. 優化應用程序的性能