Building Microservices with Go

Nic Jackson



Key Features

  • This short, concise, and practical guide is packed with real-world examples of building microservices with Go
  • It is easy to read and will benefit smaller teams who want to extend the functionality of their existing systems
  • Using this practical approach will save your money in terms of maintaining a monolithic architecture

Book Description

Microservice architecture is sweeping the world as the de facto pattern to build web-based applications. Golang is a language particularly well suited to building them. Its strong community, encouragement of idiomatic style, and statically-linked binary artifacts make integrating it with other technologies and managing microservices at scale consistent and intuitive. This book will teach you the common patterns and practices, showing you how to apply these using the Go programming language.

It will teach you the fundamental concepts of architectural design and RESTful communication, and show you patterns that provide manageable code that is supportable in development and at scale in production. We will provide you with examples on how to put these concepts and patterns into practice with Go.

Whether you are planning a new application or working in an existing monolith, this book will explain and illustrate with practical examples how teams of all sizes can start solving problems with microservices. It will help you understand Docker and Docker-Compose and how it can be used to isolate microservice dependencies and build environments. We finish off by showing you various techniques to monitor, test, and secure your microservices.

By the end, you will know the benefits of system resilience of a microservice and the advantages of Go stack.

What you will learn

  • Plan a microservice architecture and design a microservice
  • Write a microservice with a RESTful API and a database
  • Understand the common idioms and common patterns in microservices architecture
  • Leverage tools and automation that helps microservices become horizontally scalable
  • Get a grounding in containerization with Docker and Docker-Compose, which will greatly accelerate your development lifecycle
  • Manage and secure ,microservices at scale with monitoring, logging, service discovery, and automation
  • Test microservices and integrate API tests in Go



  • 這本簡短、簡潔且實用的指南充滿了使用Go構建微服務的真實世界示例

  • 易於閱讀,適合希望擴展現有系統功能的小型團隊

  • 使用這種實用的方法將節省維護龐大架構的成本







  • 規劃微服務架構並設計微服務

  • 使用RESTful API和數據庫編寫微服務

  • 了解微服務架構中的常見慣用語和常見模式

  • 利用工具和自動化幫助微服務實現水平擴展

  • 瞭解Docker和Docker-Compose中的容器化,這將大大加快您的開發生命周期

  • 通過監控、日誌記錄、服務發現和自動化來管理和保護大規模的微服務

  • 測試微服務並在Go中集成API測試