Feature Engineering Made Easy

Sinan Ozdemir, Divya Susarla



A perfect guide to speed up the predicting power of machine learning algorithms

Key Features

  • Design, discover, and create dynamic, efficient features for your machine learning application
  • Understand your data in-depth and derive astonishing data insights with the help of this Guide
  • Grasp powerful feature-engineering techniques and build machine learning systems

Book Description

Feature engineering is the most important step in creating powerful machine learning systems. This book will take you through the entire feature-engineering journey to make your machine learning much more systematic and effective.

You will start with understanding your data―often the success of your ML models depends on how you leverage different feature types, such as continuous, categorical, and more, You will learn when to include a feature, when to omit it, and why, all by understanding error analysis and the acceptability of your models. You will learn to convert a problem statement into useful new features. You will learn to deliver features driven by business needs as well as mathematical insights. You'll also learn how to use machine learning on your machines, automatically learning amazing features for your data.

By the end of the book, you will become proficient in Feature Selection, Feature Learning, and Feature Optimization.

What you will learn

  • Identify and leverage different feature types
  • Clean features in data to improve predictive power
  • Understand why and how to perform feature selection, and model error analysis
  • Leverage domain knowledge to construct new features
  • Deliver features based on