Voice User Interface Projects: Build voice-enabled applications using Dialogflow for Google Home and Alexa Skills Kit for Amazon Echo

Henry Lee

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  • 出版日期: 2018-07-31
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Develop intelligent voice-empowered applications and Chatbots that not only understand voice commands but also respond to it

Key Features

  • Target multiple platforms by creating voice interactions for your applications
  • Explore real-world examples of how to produce smart and practical virtual assistants
  • Build a virtual assistant for cars using Android Auto in Xamarin

Book Description

From touchscreen and mouse-click, we are moving to voice- and conversation-based user interfaces. By adopting Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), you can create a more compelling and engaging experience for your users. Voice User Interface Projects teaches you how to develop voice-enabled applications for desktop, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

This book explains in detail VUI and its importance, basic design principles of VUI, fundamentals of conversation, and the different voice-enabled applications available in the market. You will learn how to build your first voice-enabled application by utilizing DialogFlow and Alexa's natural language processing (NLP) platform. Once you are comfortable with building voice-enabled applications, you will understand how to dynamically process and respond to the questions by using NodeJS server deployed to the cloud. You will then move on to securing NodeJS RESTful API for DialogFlow and Alexa webhooks, creating unit tests and building voice-enabled podcasts for cars. Last but not the least you will discover advanced topics such as handling sessions, creating custom intents, and extending built-in intents in order to build conversational VUIs that will help engage the users.

By the end of the book, you will have grasped a thorough knowledge of how to design and develop interactive VUIs.

What you will learn

  • Understand NLP platforms with machine learning
  • Exploit best practices and user experiences in creating VUI
  • Build voice-enabled chatbots
  • Host, secure, and test in a cloud platform
  • Create voice-enabled applications for personal digital assistant devices
  • Develop a virtual assistant for cars

Who this book is for

Voice User Interface Projects is for you if you are a software engineer who wants to develop voice-enabled applications for your personal digital assistant devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, along with your car's virtual assistant systems. Some experience with JavaScript is required.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Build a FAQs Chat Bot
  3. Build a Fortune Cookie Application
  4. Hosting, Securing, and Testing the Fortune Cookie Application in Cloud
  5. Deploying the Fortune Cookie Application to Google Home
  6. Building a Cooking Application using Alexa
  7. Using Advanced Alexa Feature and Deploying the Cooking Application
  8. Migrating Alexa Cooking Application to Google Home
  9. Building a voice enabled Podcast for the car
  10. Hosting and Enhancing the Voice Enabled Podcast



- 通過為應用程序創建語音交互,以適應多個平台
- 探索實際案例,了解如何製作智能實用的虛擬助手
- 使用 Xamarin 在 Android Auto 中構建汽車虛擬助手

從觸摸屏和鼠標點擊,我們正在轉向基於語音和對話的用戶界面。通過採用語音用戶界面(VUI),您可以為用戶創建更引人入勝和互動的體驗。《Voice User Interface Projects》教您如何為桌面、移動和物聯網(IoT)設備開發語音啟用的應用程序。

本書詳細介紹了VUI及其重要性,VUI的基本設計原則,對話的基礎知識以及市場上可用的不同語音啟用應用程序。您將學習如何通過使用DialogFlow和Alexa的自然語言處理(NLP)平台來構建第一個語音啟用的應用程序。一旦您熟悉了構建語音啟用的應用程序,您將了解如何通過使用部署到雲端的NodeJS服務器動態處理和回答問題。然後,您將繼續保護NodeJS RESTful API以供DialogFlow和Alexa Webhooks使用,創建單元測試並為汽車構建語音啟用的播客。最後,您將探索高級主題,例如處理會話,創建自定義意圖以及擴展內置意圖,以構建能夠吸引用戶的對話式VUI。


- 了解具有機器學習的NLP平台
- 利用最佳實踐和用戶體驗來創建VUI
- 構建語音啟用的聊天機器人
- 在雲平台上進行主機、保護和測試
- 為個人數字助手設備創建語音啟用的應用程序
- 開發汽車虛擬助手

本書適合軟件工程師,如果您想為個人數字助手設備(如Amazon Echo和Google Home)以及汽車的虛擬助手系統開發語音啟用的應用程序。需要一些JavaScript經驗。

1. 簡介
2. 構建常見問題解答聊天機器人
3. 構建幸運餅乾應用程序
4. 在雲端主機、保護和測試幸運餅乾應用程序
5. 將幸運餅乾應用程序部署到Google Home
6. 使用Alexa構建烹飪應用程序
7. 使用高級Alexa功能並部署烹飪應用程序
8. 將Alexa烹飪應用程序遷移到Google Home
9. 為汽車構建語音啟用的播客
10. 主機和增強語音啟用的播客