Full-Stack React Projects

Shama Hoque

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Unleash the power of MERN stack by building diverse web applications using React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB About This Book * Create dynamic web applications with the MERN stack * Leverage the power of React to make fast, interactive, and complex user interfaces * Unlock the potential of Node, Express, and MongoDB, and build modern full-stack applications easily Who This Book Is For Full-Stack React Web Development Projects is for JavaScript developers who have some experience with React, but no previous experience with full-stack development involving Node, Express, and MongoDB, and who want practical guidelines to start building different types of real-world web applications with this stack. What You Will Learn * Set up your development environment to start developing MERN applications * Develop a basic MERN application that can be easily extended * Implement user authentication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens * Build a social media application by extending the basic MERN application * Build an online marketplace application with features including seller accounts, product listings, and shopping cart * Integrate payment processing with Stripe * Build a media streaming application with media file upload and streaming to a media player * Store and stream large files using MongoDB GridFS * Implement server-side rendering with data for specific React views to improve SEO * Set up and use React VR to develop user interfaces with VR capabilities * Discover industry best practices that can make MERN stack applications reliable and scalable In Detail The benefits and appeal of using a full JavaScript stack for web development are undeniable, especially when there are robust and widely adopted technologies such as React, Node, Express, and MongoDB. Combining the power of React with industry-tested server-side technologies such as Node, Express, and MongoDB creates a diverse array of possibilities when developing real-world web applications. This book guides you through preparing the development environment for MERN stack-based web development. You'll create a basic skeleton application and extend it to build four different web applications. These applications include a social media application, an online marketplace application, a media streaming application, and a web-based game application with virtual reality (VR) infused features. While learning to set up the stack and developing a diverse range of applications with this book, you'll see the inner workings of the MERN stack, learn to extend its capabilities to use complex features, and gain practical knowledge on preparing MERN-based applications to meet the growing demands of real-world web applications.