Practical Site Reliability Engineering: Automate the process of designing, developing, and delivering highly reliable apps and services with SRE (Paperback)

Pethuru Raj Chelliah, Shreyash Naithani, Shailender Singh

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  • 出版日期: 2018-11-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 390
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1788839560
  • ISBN-13: 9781788839563
  • 相關分類: DevOps
  • 相關翻譯: 站點可靠性工程(SRE)實戰 (簡中版)
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Create, deploy, and manage applications at scale using SRE principles

Key Features

  • Build and run highly available, scalable, and secure software
  • Explore abstract SRE in a simplified and streamlined way
  • Enhance the reliability of cloud environments through SRE enhancements

Book Description

Site reliability engineering (SRE) is being touted as the most competent paradigm in establishing and ensuring next-generation high-quality software solutions.

This book starts by introducing you to the SRE paradigm and covers the need for highly reliable IT platforms and infrastructures. As you make your way through the next set of chapters, you will learn to develop microservices using Spring Boot and make use of RESTful frameworks. You will also learn about GitHub for deployment, containerization, and Docker containers. Practical Site Reliability Engineering teaches you to set up and sustain containerized cloud environments, and also covers architectural and design patterns and reliability implementation techniques such as reactive programming, and languages such as Ballerina and Rust. In the concluding chapters, you will get well-versed with service mesh solutions such as Istio and Linkerd, and understand service resilience test practices, API gateways, and edge/fog computing.

By the end of this book, you will have gained experience on working with SRE concepts and be able to deliver highly reliable apps and services.

What you will learn

  • Understand how to achieve your SRE goals
  • Grasp Docker-enabled containerization concepts
  • Leverage enterprise DevOps capabilities and Microservices architecture (MSA)
  • Get to grips with the service mesh concept and frameworks such as Istio and Linkerd
  • Discover best practices for performance and resiliency
  • Follow software reliability prediction approaches and enable patterns
  • Understand Kubernetes for container and cloud orchestration
  • Explore the end-to-end software engineering process for the containerized world

Who this book is for

Practical Site Reliability Engineering helps software developers, IT professionals, DevOps engineers, performance specialists, and system engineers understand how the emerging domain of SRE comes handy in automating and accelerating the process of designing, developing, debugging, and deploying highly reliable applications and services.

Table of Contents

  1. Demystifying the Site Reliability Engineering Paradigm
  2. Microservices Architecture and Containers
  3. Microservice Resiliency Patterns
  4. DevOps as a Service
  5. Container Cluster and Orchestration Platforms
  6. Architectural and Design Patterns
  7. Reliability Implementation Techniques
  8. Realizing Reliable Systems: the Best Practices
  9. Service Resiliency
  10. Containers, Kubernetes, and Istio Monitoring
  11. Post-Production Activities for Ensuring and Enhancing IT Reliability
  12. Service Meshes and Container Orchestration Platforms




  • 構建和運行高可用、可擴展和安全的軟體

  • 以簡化和精簡的方式探索抽象的SRE

  • 通過SRE增強提高雲環境的可靠性



本書首先介紹了SRE範式,並涵蓋了高度可靠的IT平台和基礎設施的需求。隨著您閱讀下一組章節,您將學習使用Spring Boot開發微服務,並使用RESTful框架。您還將學習有關GitHub用於部署、容器化和Docker容器的知識。《實用站點可靠性工程》教您建立和維護容器化的雲環境,並涵蓋了架構和設計模式以及可靠性實現技術,如反應式編程和Ballerina和Rust等語言。在最後幾章中,您將熟悉Istio和Linkerd等服務網格解決方案,並了解服務韌性測試實踐、API閘道和邊緣/雲端運算。



  • 了解如何實現SRE目標

  • 掌握Docker容器化概念

  • 利用企業DevOps能力和微服務架構(MSA)

  • 瞭解服務網格概念和框架,如Istio和Linkerd

  • 發現性能和韌性的最佳實踐

  • 遵循軟體可靠性預測方法並啟用模式

  • 瞭解容器和雲端編排的Kubernetes

  • 探索容器化世界的端到端軟體工程流程




  1. 揭秘站點可靠性工程範式

  2. 微服務架構和容器

  3. 微服務韌性模式

  4. DevOps作為服務

  5. 容器集群和編排平台

  6. 架構和設計模式

  7. 可靠性實現技術

  8. 實現可靠系統:最佳實踐

  9. 服務韌性

  10. 容器、Kubernetes和Istio監控

  11. 確保和提高IT可靠性的後期活動

  12. 服務網格和容器編排平台