Modern DevOps Practices - Second Edition: Implement, secure, and manage applications on the public cloud by leveraging cutting-edge tools

Agarwal, Gaurav

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  • 出版日期: 2024-01-12
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Enhance DevOps workflows by integrating the functionalities of Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Argo CD, Ansible, Terraform, Istio, and more with the help of practical examples and expert tips

Key Features
  • Explore containers as a service (CaaS) and infrastructure automation in the public cloud
  • Secure and ship software continuously to production with DevOps, GitOps, SecOps, and automation
  • Operate distributed and scalable microservices apps in the cloud with a modern service mesh
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Book Description

DevOps and the cloud have changed how we look at software development and operations like never before, leading to the rapid growth of various DevOps tools, techniques, and practices. This updated edition helps you pick up the right tools by providing you with everything you need to get started with your DevOps journey.

The book begins by introducing you to modern cloud-native architecture, and then teaches you about the architectural concepts needed to implement the modern way of application development. The next set of chapters helps you get familiarized with Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Packer, and other similar tools to enable you to build a base. As you advance, you'll explore the core elements of cloud integration-AWS ECS, GKE, and other CaaS services. The chapters also discuss GitOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery-GitHub actions, Jenkins, and Argo CD-to help you understand the essence of modern app delivery. Later, you'll operate your container app in production using a service mesh and apply AI in DevOps. Throughout the book, you'll discover best practices for automating and managing your development lifecycle, infrastructure, containers, and more.

By the end of this DevOps book, you'll be well-equipped to develop and operate applications using modern tools and techniques.

What you will learn
  • Explore modern DevOps practices with Git and GitOps
  • Master container fundamentals with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Become well versed in AWS ECS, Google Cloud Run, and Knative
  • Discover how to efficiently build and manage secure Docker images
  • Understand continuous integration with Jenkins on Kubernetes and GitHub Actions
  • Get to grips with using Argo CD for continuous deployment and delivery
  • Manage immutable infrastructure on the cloud with Packer, Terraform, and Ansible
  • Operate container applications in production using Istio and learn about AI in DevOps
Who this book is for

If you are a software engineer, system administrator, or operations engineer looking to step into the world of DevOps within public cloud platforms, this book is for you. Existing DevOps engineers will also find this book helpful as it covers best practices, tips, and tricks for implementing DevOps with a cloud-native mindset. Although no containerization experience is necessary, a basic understanding of the software development life cycle and delivery will help you get the most out of this book.

Table of Contents
  1. The Modern way of DevOps
  2. Source Code Management with Git and GitOps
  3. Containerization with Docker
  4. Creating and Managing Container Images
  5. Container Orchestration with Kubernetes
  6. Managing Advanced Kubernetes Resources
  7. Containers as a Service (CaaS) and Serverless Computing for Containers
  8. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform
  9. Configuration Management with Ansible
  10. Immutable Infrastructure with Packer
  11. Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions and Jenkins
  12. Continuous Deployment/ Delivery with Argo CD

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增強 DevOps 工作流程,通過實際示例和專家提示,將 Git、Docker、Kubernetes、Argo CD、Ansible、Terraform、Istio 等功能集成在一起。

- 在公共雲中探索容器即服務(CaaS)和基礎架構自動化
- 通過 DevOps、GitOps、SecOps 和自動化,持續安全地將軟件交付到生產環境
- 使用現代服務網格在雲中操作分佈式和可擴展的微服務應用程序
- 購買印刷版或 Kindle 版本的書籍將包含免費的 PDF 電子書

DevOps 和雲端改變了我們對軟件開發和運營的看法,從未如此迅速地促使各種 DevOps 工具、技術和實踐的快速增長。本更新版書籍將幫助您選擇合適的工具,並為您提供開始 DevOps 之旅所需的一切。

本書首先介紹現代雲原生架構,然後教授實施現代應用程序開發所需的架構概念。接下來的章節將幫助您熟悉 Git、Docker、Kubernetes、Ansible、Terraform、Packer 等類似工具,以便您建立基礎。隨著您的進一步學習,您將探索雲集成的核心要素-AWS ECS、GKE 和其他 CaaS 服務。這些章節還討論了 GitOps、持續集成和持續交付-GitHub actions、Jenkins 和 Argo CD,以幫助您理解現代應用程序交付的本質。之後,您將使用服務網格在生產環境中操作容器應用程序並應用 AI 於 DevOps。在整本書中,您將發現自動化和管理開發生命周期、基礎架構、容器等的最佳實踐。


- 通過 Git 和 GitOps 探索現代 DevOps 實踐
- 掌握 Docker 和 Kubernetes 的容器基礎知識
- 熟悉 AWS ECS、Google Cloud Run 和 Knative
- 發現如何高效地構建和管理安全的 Docker 映像
- 了解在 Kubernetes 上進行持續集成的方法,以及 GitHub Actions
- 掌握使用 Argo CD 進行持續部署和交付
- 使用 Packer、Terraform 和 Ansible 在雲端上管理不可變基礎架構
- 在生產環境中操作容器應用程序並了解 AI 在 DevOps 中的應用

本書適合對公共雲平台中的 DevOps 感興趣的軟件工程師、系統管理員或運營工程師。現有的 DevOps 工程師也會發現本書有所幫助,因為它涵蓋了以雲原生思維實施 DevOps 的最佳實踐、技巧和技巧。雖然不需要容器化經驗,但基本的軟件開發生命周期和交付的理解將幫助您充分利用本書。

1. DevOps 的現代方式
2. 使用 Git 和 GitOps 進行源代碼管理
3. 使用 Docker 進行容器化
4. 創建和管理容器映像
5. 使用 Kubernetes 進行容器編排
6. 管理高級 Kubernetes 資源
7. 容器即服務(CaaS)和容器的無服務計算
8. 使用 Terraform 進行基礎架構即代碼(IaC)
9. 使用 Ansible 進行配置管理
10. 使用 Packer 進行不可變基礎架構
11. 使用 GitHub Actions 和 Jenkins 進行持續集成
12. 使用 Argo CD 進行持續部署/交付