Hands-On IoT Solutions with Blockchain: Discover how converging IoT and blockchain can help you build effective solutions

Maximiliano Santos, Enio Moura




Integrate an end-to-end logistic chain using IBM Blockchain and IoT platforms

Key Features

  • Explore practical implementation of ledger technology in the IoT architecture
  • Study security best practices for your smart devices
  • Understand Blockchain implementation for end-to-end IoT solutions

Book Description

Blockchain has been the hot topic of late thanks to cryptocurrencies. To make matters more interesting, the financial market is looking for ways to reduce operational costs and generate new business models, and this is where blockchain solutions come into the picture. In addition to this, with Internet of Things (IoT) trending and Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other devices flooding the market, you can now create cheap devices even at home.

Hands-On IoT Solutions with Blockchain starts with an overview of IoT concepts in the current business scenario. It then helps you develop your own device on the IBM Watson IoT platform and create your fi rst IoT solution using Watson and Intel Edison.Once you are familiar with IoT, you will learn about Blockchain technology and its use cases. You will also work with the Hyperledger framework and develop your own Blockchain network. As you progress through the chapters, you'll work with problem statements and learn how to design your solution architecture so that you can create your own integrated Blockchain and IoT solution.

The next set of chapters will explain how to implement end-to-end Blockchain solutions with IoT using the IBM Cloud platform. By the end of this book, you will have mastered the convergence of IoT and Blockchain technology and exploited the best practices and drivers to develop a bulletproof integrated solution.

What you will learn

  • Understand the key roles of IoT in the current market
  • Study the different aspects of IBM Watson IoT platform
  • Create devices, gateways, and applications connected to the platform
  • Explore the fundamentals of Blockchain
  • Define good use cases for Blockchain
  • Discover the Hyperledger Fabric and Composer frameworks
  • Develop an IBM Watson IoT application using a Intel Edison
  • Integrate IoT with the Blockchain platform

Who this book is for

Hands-On IoT Solutions with Blockchain is for you if you are an Internet of Things (IoT) analyst, architect, engineer, or any stakeholder responsible for security mechanisms on an IoT infrastructure. This book is also for IT professionals who want to start developing solutions using Blockchain and IoT on the IBM Cloud platform. Basic understanding of IoT will assist you in understanding key concepts covered in the book.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding IoT and Developing Devices on the IBM Watson IoT Platform
  2. Creating Your First IoT Solution
  3. Explaining Blockchain Technology and Working with Hyperledger
  4. Creating Your Own Blockchain Network
  5. Addressing Food Safety - Building around the Blockchain
  6. Designing the Solution Architecture
  7. Creating Your Blockchain and IoT Solution
  8. The IoT, Blockchain, and Industry 4.0
  9. Best Practices for Developing Blockchain and IoT Solutions


整合使用IBM Blockchain和IoT平台的端到端物流鏈

- 探索在IoT架構中實際應用分散式帳本技術
- 學習智能設備的安全最佳實踐
- 了解端到端IoT解決方案的區塊鏈實施

區塊鏈近來一直是熱門話題,這要歸功於加密貨幣。為了使事情更有趣,金融市場正在尋找降低運營成本和創造新商業模式的方法,而這就是區塊鏈解決方案的用武之地。此外,隨著物聯網(IoT)的趨勢以及Arduino、Raspberry Pi和其他設備在市場上的泛濫,你現在甚至可以在家裡製造廉價設備。

《區塊鏈與物聯網實踐》首先概述了當前商業環境中的物聯網概念。然後,它幫助你在IBM Watson IoT平台上開發自己的設備,並使用Watson和Intel Edison創建你的第一個物聯網解決方案。一旦你熟悉了物聯網,你將學習區塊鏈技術及其用例。你還將使用Hyperledger框架並開發自己的區塊鏈網絡。隨著章節的進展,你將處理問題陳述並學習如何設計解決方案架構,以便創建自己的集成區塊鏈和物聯網解決方案。

接下來的一系列章節將解釋如何使用IBM Cloud平台實施端到端的區塊鏈解決方案與物聯網。通過閱讀本書,你將掌握物聯網和區塊鏈技術的融合,並利用最佳實踐和驅動因素開發堅不可摧的集成解決方案。

- 了解物聯網在當前市場中的關鍵角色
- 學習IBM Watson IoT平台的不同方面
- 創建連接到平台的設備、閘道和應用程序
- 探索區塊鏈的基礎知識
- 為區塊鏈定義良好的用例
- 探索Hyperledger Fabric和Composer框架
- 使用Intel Edison開發IBM Watson IoT應用程序
- 將物聯網與區塊鏈平台集成

本書適合對物聯網基礎設施上的安全機制負責的物聯網分析師、架構師、工程師或任何利益相關者。本書還適合希望在IBM Cloud平台上開始開發使用區塊鏈和物聯網解決方案的IT專業人士。對物聯網的基本理解將有助於理解本書涵蓋的關鍵概念。

1. 理解物聯網並在IBM Watson IoT平台上開發設備
2. 創建你的第一個物聯網解決方案
3. 解釋區塊鏈技術並使用Hyperledger
4. 創建你自己的區塊鏈網絡
5. 解決食品安全問題 - 建立在區塊鏈上
6. 設計解決方案架構
7. 創建你的區塊鏈和物聯網解決方案
8. 物聯網、區塊鏈和工業4.0
9. 開發區塊鏈和物聯網解決方案的最佳實踐