Hands-On Data Science with R: Execute machine learning and deep learning algorithms, predictive analysis, Markovian methods with R

Vitor Bianchi Lanzetta, Nataraj Dasgupta, Ricardo Anjoleto Farias


Practical examples for professionals using R in Data science

Key Features

  • Accessible to readers without a background in data science
  • Practical and engaging from start to finish, unlock the world of Data Science using real world examples
  • Explore machine learning algorithms, predictive analysis, markovian methods and deep learning algorithms with R

Book Description

R being the most widely used programming language when used with data science can be a powerful combination to solve complexities involved with varied data sets in the real world. Data Science with R aims to teach you how to begin performing data science tasks by taking advantage of R's powerful ecosystem of packages. The best way to learn is to play with the data but with a go-to guide while doing so. This will be easiest, practical book in the market that covers the entire data science ecosystem for an aspiring data scientist. The book will take you from the zero to the level where you would be confident to work practically on a data science problem.

The book starts with an introduction to data science and introduces the readers to the R programming language. You will be up and running with R by the end of the first chapter and would have a few basic programs to start their journey. Moving ahead, this book will cover all the important process in data science such as data gathering followed by cleaning the dirtiest data as available and discovering patterns out of it. It gets even more interesting once we start discovering patterns in the 'tidy' data set start applying algorithms to it. You will explore algorithms such as - machine learning algorithms, predictive analysis and finally covering deep learning algorithms.

Till this point in the book, you must have gained fair understanding of the entire ecosystem of data science and you are now all set to develop your data products using R. This is what the next chapter will help you do and did I mention with top of the world visualizations! You will work with the most powerful visualization packages as available in R to ensure your data speaks a story nothing less than a pro.

Towards the end, you will learn how to integrate R with Spark & Hadoop for Large Scale Data Analytics and take it a step further on Cloud.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand R programming language and its ecosystem of packages for data science
  • Learn the correct approach before solving a problem
  • Obtain and clean data before processing
  • Master the the essential exploratory techniques for summarizing data
  • Examine various Machine Learning prediction models
  • Explore the H2O analytics platform in 'R' for Deep learning
  • Apply data mining techniques to the available datasets
  • Work with interactive visualization packages in R 
  • Latch onto the right approach to build data products
  • Integrate R with Spark & Hadoop for Large Scale Data Analytics
  • Take R on Cloud

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for data analysts and aspiring data scientists with little to no grounding in the fundamentals of data science with R. Basic background in statistics and computational mathematics would be beneficial but is not essential. Basic experience with the R language is assumed.