Hands-On Microservices with C# 8 and .NET Core 3, 3/e (Paperback)

Gaurav Aroraa , Ed Price , Scott Hanselman

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The microservice architectural style promotes the development of complex applications as a suite of small services based on specific business capabilities. With this book, you'll take a hands-on approach to build microservices and deploy them using ASP .NET Core and Microsoft Azure.

You'll start by understanding the concept of microservices and their fundamental characteristics. This microservices book will then introduce a real-world app built as a monolith, currently struggling under increased demand and complexity, and guide you in its transition to microservices using the latest features of C# 8 and .NET Core 3. You'll identify service boundaries, split the application into multiple microservices, and define service contracts. You'll also explore how to configure, deploy, and monitor microservices using Docker and Kubernetes, and implement autoscaling in a microservices architecture for enhanced productivity. Once you've got to grips with reactive microservices, you'll discover how keeping your code base simple enables you to focus on what's important rather than on messy asynchronous calls. Finally, you'll delve into various design patterns and best practices for creating enterprise-ready microservice applications.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to deconstruct a monolith successfully to create well-defined microservices.


  • Learn to design, implement, test, and deploy your microservices
  • Understand the challenges and complexities of testing and monitoring distributed services
  • Build modular and robust microservice architectures with the latest features of C# 8 and .NET Core 3.1


微服務架構風格促進了基於特定業務能力的一套小型服務的複雜應用程式的開發。這本書將以實踐的方式,使用ASP .NET Core和Microsoft Azure來建立微服務並部署它們。

首先,您將了解微服務的概念及其基本特性。本書將介紹一個以單體應用程式形式構建的真實應用程式,該應用程式目前在需求和複雜性增加的情況下遇到困難,並指導您如何使用C# 8和.NET Core 3的最新功能將其轉換為微服務。您將確定服務邊界,將應用程式拆分為多個微服務,並定義服務契約。您還將探索如何使用Docker和Kubernetes配置、部署和監控微服務,以及在微服務架構中實現自動擴展以提高生產力。一旦您熟悉了反應式微服務,您將發現保持代碼庫簡單使您能夠專注於重要事項,而不是混亂的異步呼叫。最後,您將深入研究各種設計模式和最佳實踐,以創建企業級的微服務應用程式。


- 學習設計、實施、測試和部署您的微服務
- 了解測試和監控分佈式服務的挑戰和複雜性
- 使用C# 8和.NET Core 3.1的最新功能構建模塊化和強大的微服務架構。


Gaurav Aroraa

Gaurav Aroraa is a serial entrepreneur and start-up mentor. He has done an M.Phil in computer science. He is a Microsoft MVP award recipient. He is a lifetime member of the Computer Society of India (CSI), is an advisory member and senior mentor at IndiaMentor, is certified as a Scrum trainer/coach, is ITIL-F certified, and is PRINCE-F and PRINCE-P certified. He is an open source developer and a contributor to the Microsoft TechNet community. Recently, Gaurav was awarded "Icon of the year – excellence in Mentoring Technology Startups" for 2018-19 by Radio City, a Jagran initiative, for his extraordinary work during his 22-year career in the industry in the field of technology mentoring.

Ed Price

Ed Price is a senior program manager in engineering at Microsoft, with an MBA in technology management. He has run Microsoft customer feedback programs for Azure Development, Service Fabric, IoT, and Visual Studio. He was also a technical writer at Microsoft for 6 years, helped to lead TechNet Wiki, and now leads efforts to publish key guidance from AzureCAT (Customer Advisory Team), especially in the development of microservices. He is the coauthor of Learn to Program with Small Basic.


Gaurav Aroraa

Gaurav Aroraa是一位連續創業家和初創企業導師。他在計算機科學方面獲得了M.Phil學位。他是微軟MVP獎的獲獎者。他是印度計算機學會(CSI)的終身會員,是IndiaMentor的顧問成員和高級導師,是Scrum培訓師/教練,擁有ITIL-F認證,以及PRINCE-F和PRINCE-P認證。他是一位開源開發者,也是微軟TechNet社區的貢獻者。最近,Gaurav因其在技術導師領域的22年職業生涯中的卓越工作,被Radio City(Jagran計劃)評為2018-19年度“年度偶像 - 卓越的技術導師”。

Ed Price

Ed Price是微軟工程部門的高級項目經理,擁有技術管理的MBA學位。他曾負責運營Azure Development、Service Fabric、IoT和Visual Studio的微軟客戶反饋計劃。他也曾在微軟擔任技術作家6年,協助領導TechNet Wiki,現在負責發布AzureCAT(客戶諮詢團隊)的關鍵指導,尤其是在微服務開發方面。他是《用Small Basic學習編程》的合著者。


  1. An Introduction to Microservices
  2. Refactoring the monolith
  3. Effective communication between services
  4. Testing Microservices with Microsoft Unit Testing Framework
  5. Deploying microservices with Docker
  6. Securing Microservices using Azure Active Directory
  7. Monitoring microservices
  8. Scaling microservices with Azure
  9. Introduction to Reactive Microservices
  10. Design Patterns and Best Practices
  11. Building Microservice Application
  12. Microservices Architecture Summary
  13. Appendix


- 微服務介紹
- 重構巨石應用程式
- 服務間有效溝通
- 使用 Microsoft 單元測試框架測試微服務
- 使用 Docker 部署微服務
- 使用 Azure Active Directory 保護微服務
- 監控微服務
- 使用 Azure 擴展微服務
- 反應式微服務介紹
- 設計模式與最佳實踐
- 建立微服務應用程式
- 微服務架構摘要
- 附錄