Professional Azure SQL Database Administration - Second Edition

Osama, Ahmad



Despite being the cloud version of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database differs in key ways when it comes to management, maintenance, and administration. This book shows you how to administer Azure SQL database to fully benefit from its wide range of features and functionality.

Professional Azure SQL Database Administration begins by covering the architecture and explaining the difference between Azure SQL Database and the on-premise SQL Server to help you get comfortable with Azure SQL database. You’ll perform common tasks such as migrating, backing up, and restoring a SQL Server database to an Azure database. As you progress, you’ll study how you can save costs and manage and scale multiple SQL Databases using elastic pools. You’ll also implement a disaster recovery solution using standard and active geo-replication. Whether it is learning different techniques to monitor and tune an Azure SQL database or improving performance using in-memory technology, this book will enable you to make the most out of Azure SQL database features and functionality for data management solutions.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well versed with key aspects of an Azure SQL database instance, such as migration, backup restorations, performance optimization, high availability, and disaster recovery.


儘管 Azure SQL Database 是 SQL Server 的雲端版本,但在管理、維護和管理方面,它與本地 SQL Server 有著關鍵的不同之處。本書將向您展示如何管理 Azure SQL Database,以充分利用其廣泛的功能和特性。

《專業 Azure SQL Database 管理》首先介紹了架構,並解釋了 Azure SQL Database 與本地 SQL Server 的區別,以幫助您熟悉 Azure SQL Database。您將執行常見任務,例如將 SQL Server 數據庫遷移到 Azure 數據庫、備份和還原數據庫。隨著學習的深入,您將研究如何使用彈性集合節省成本、管理和擴展多個 SQL Database。您還將使用標準和主動地理複寫實現災難恢復解決方案。無論是學習監視和調整 Azure SQL Database 的不同技術,還是使用內存技術提高性能,本書都將使您能夠充分利用 Azure SQL Database 的功能和特性,實現數據管理解決方案。

通過閱讀本書,您將熟悉 Azure SQL Database 實例的關鍵方面,例如遷移、備份還原、性能優化、高可用性和災難恢復。