Spring Boot 2 Fundamentals: Learn how you can quickly build and deploy production-ready microservices within the Java and JRE ecosystem

Patrick Cornelien, Michael Piefel, Alexander Sparkowsky



Leverage this rich and mature framework to develop efficient applications and services in no time

Key Features

  • Teaches key skills for building complete professional Java applications
  • Enables building your own blogging application as you learn core concepts
  • Helps you master the core concepts of Spring Boot with hands-on exercises and activities

Book Description

In the beginning of the Spring Boot Fundamentals book you will learn how to write and test simple code using the Spring Framework and then use this skill to learn advanced concepts, such as creating an HTML-based front-end with dynamic data and HTML forms. Then, you will create a simple, working, web interface to display blog posts, list all articles, and create and edit blog articles. You will learn to work with the REST API functionality that Spring Boot offers and secure your blogging application. At the end of the book, you will learn how to persist your blog posts in a database, bringing everything together as a full web application with the complete functionality of a professional solution..

What you will learn

  • Create your own Spring Boot application from scratch
  • Write comprehensive unit tests for your applications
  • Learn how to store data in a relational database
  • Create your own RESTful API with Spring Boot
  • Create a rich web interface for your applications
  • Secure your application with Spring Security

Who This Book Is For

This is an ideal book for you if you want to create modern web-applications or RESTful services with Java. You should have at least basic Java knowledge and know how to compile an application with a given POM file with Maven. You don't need to be an HTML expert, but you should know how HTML works and how you can keep a file XML/XHTML compliant



- 教授構建完整專業Java應用程式的關鍵技能
- 在學習核心概念的同時,建立自己的部落格應用程式
- 通過實踐練習和活動,幫助您掌握Spring Boot的核心概念

在《Spring Boot基礎》一書的開頭,您將學習如何使用Spring Framework編寫和測試簡單的程式碼,然後利用這些技能學習高級概念,例如使用動態數據和HTML表單創建基於HTML的前端。然後,您將創建一個簡單的工作界面,用於顯示部落格文章、列出所有文章以及創建和編輯部落格文章。您將學習如何使用Spring Boot提供的REST API功能並保護您的部落格應用程式。在本書的最後,您將學習如何將部落格文章持久化到數據庫中,將所有內容結合為一個具有專業解決方案完整功能的網絡應用程式。

- 從頭開始創建自己的Spring Boot應用程式
- 為應用程式編寫全面的單元測試
- 學習如何在關聯式數據庫中存儲數據
- 使用Spring Boot創建自己的RESTful API
- 為應用程式創建豐富的網絡界面
- 使用Spring Security保護您的應用程式