ASP.NET Core 3 and React

Rippon, Cart



Microsoft's ASP.NET Core is a robust and high-performing cross-platform web API framework, and Facebook's React uses declarative JavaScript to drive a rich, interactive user experience on the client-side web. Together, they can be used to build full stack apps with enhanced security and scalability at each layer.

This book will start by taking you through React and TypeScript components to build an intuitive single-page application. You’ll understand how to design scalable REST APIs that can integrate with a React-based frontend. You’ll get to grips with the latest features, popular patterns, and tools available in the React ecosystem, including function-based components, React Router, and Redux. The book shows how you can use TypeScript along with React to make the frontend robust and maintainable. You’ll then cover important .NET Core features such as API controllers, attribute routing, and model binding to help you build a sturdy backend. Additionally, you’ll explore API security with ASP.NET Core identity and authorization policies, and write reliable unit tests using both .NET Core and React before you deploy your app to the Azure cloud.

By the end of the book, you’ll have gained all the knowledge you need to enhance your C# and JavaScript skills and build full stack, production-ready applications with ASP.NET Core and React.

  • Explore the full potential and latest features of .NET Core 3.0, TypeScript 3, and React
  • Learn how to manage data, application design, and packaging, and secure your web apps
  • Discover best practices for using React and TypeScript to build a scalable frontend that interacts with REST APIs


Microsoft的ASP.NET Core是一個強大且高效能的跨平台網頁API框架,而Facebook的React則使用聲明式JavaScript來驅動客戶端網頁的豐富互動使用者體驗。結合這兩者,可以建立具有增強安全性和可擴展性的全端應用程式。

本書將從React和TypeScript元件開始,建立一個直觀的單頁應用程式。您將了解如何設計可擴展的REST API,並與基於React的前端整合。您將掌握React生態系統中的最新功能、流行模式和工具,包括基於函數的元件、React Router和Redux。本書還展示了如何使用TypeScript和React使前端更加強大和易於維護。接著,您將學習重要的.NET Core功能,如API控制器、屬性路由和模型繫結,以幫助您建立堅固的後端。此外,您還將探索使用ASP.NET Core身份驗證和授權策略進行API安全性,並使用.NET Core和React編寫可靠的單元測試,然後將應用程式部署到Azure雲端。

通過閱讀本書,您將獲得提升C#和JavaScript技能的所有知識,並使用ASP.NET Core和React建立全端、可投入生產環境的應用程式。

- 探索.NET Core 3.0、TypeScript 3和React的全部潛力和最新功能
- 學習如何管理資料、應用程式設計和封裝,以及保護您的網頁應用程式
- 發現使用React和TypeScript建立可與REST API互動的可擴展前端的最佳實踐


Carl Rippon has been involved in the software industry for over 20 years, developing a complex line of business applications across various sectors. He has spent the last 8 years building single-page applications using a wide range of JavaScript technologies, including Angular, ReactJS, and TypeScript. Carl has written over 100 blog posts on various technologies.


Carl Rippon在軟體業界擁有超過20年的經驗,開發過各個領域的複雜業務應用程式。在過去的8年中,他專注於使用各種JavaScript技術(包括Angular、ReactJS和TypeScript)建立單頁應用程式。Carl已經撰寫了超過100篇關於不同技術的部落格文章。


Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the ASP.NET Core React Template
  2. Creating Decoupled React and ASP.NET Core Apps
  3. Getting Started with React and TypeScript
  4. Routing with React Router
  5. Working with Forms
  6. Managing State with Redux
  7. Interacting with the Database with Dapper
  8. Creating REST API Endpoints
  9. Creating a Real-Time API with SignalR
  10. Improving Performance and Scalability
  11. Securing the Backend
  12. Interacting with RESTful APIs
  13. Adding Automated Tests
  14. Configuring and Deploying to Azure
  15. Implementing CI and CD with Azure DevOps



  1. 了解 ASP.NET Core React 模板

  2. 建立解耦的 React 和 ASP.NET Core 應用程式

  3. 使用 React 和 TypeScript 入門

  4. 使用 React Router 進行路由

  5. 處理表單

  6. 使用 Redux 管理狀態

  7. 使用 Dapper 與資料庫互動

  8. 建立 REST API 端點

  9. 建立使用 SignalR 的即時 API

  10. 提升效能和可擴展性

  11. 保護後端

  12. 與 RESTful API 互動

  13. 添加自動化測試

  14. 配置並部署到 Azure

  15. 使用 Azure DevOps 實現 CI 和 CD