Industrial Automation from Scratch: A hands-on guide to using sensors, actuators, PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA to automate industrial processes

Akande, Olushola

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  • 出版日期: 2023-06-16
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Explore industrial automation and control-related concepts like the wiring and programming of VFDs and PLCs, as well as smart factory (Industry 4.0) with this easy-to-follow guide

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Key Features

  • Learn the ins and outs of industrial automation and control by taking a pragmatic approach
  • Gain practical insights into automating a manufacturing process using PLCs
  • Discover how to monitor and control an industrial process using HMIs and SCADA

Book Description

Industrial automation has become a popular solution for various industries looking to reduce manual labor inputs and costs by automating processes. This book helps you discover the abilities necessary for excelling in this field.

The book starts with the basics of industrial automation before progressing to the application of switches, sensors, actuators, and motors, and a direct on-line (DOL) starter and its components, such as circuit breakers, contactors, and overload relay. Next, you'll explore VFDs, their parameter settings, and how they can be wired and programmed for induction motor control. As you advance, you'll learn the wiring and programming of major industrial automation tools – PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA. You'll also get to grips with process control and measurements (temperature, pressure, level, and flow), along with analog signal processing with hands-on experience in connecting a 4–20 mA transmitter to a PLC. The concluding chapters will help you grasp various industrial network protocols such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and HART, as well as emerging trends in manufacturing (Industry 4.0) and its empowering technologies (such as IoT, AI, and robotics).

By the end of this book, you'll have gained a practical understanding of industrial automation concepts for machine automation and control.

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with the essentials of industrial automation and control
  • Find out how to use industry-based sensors and actuators
  • Know about the AC, DC, servo, and stepper motors
  • Get a solid understanding of VFDs, PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA and their applications
  • Explore hands-on process control systems including analog signal processing with PLCs
  • Get familiarized with industrial network and communication protocols, wired and wireless networks, and 5G
  • Explore current trends in manufacturing such as smart factory, IoT, AI, and robotics

Who this book is for

This book is for both graduates and undergraduates of electrical, electronics, mechanical, mechatronics, chemical or computer engineering, engineers making a career switch, or anyone looking to pursue their career in the field of industrial automation. The book covers topics ranging from basic to advanced levels, and is a valuable reference for beginner-level electrical, IIoT, automation, process, instrumentation and control, production, and maintenance engineers working in manufacturing and oil and gas industries, among others.





- 通過實用方法學習工業自動化和控制的方方面面。
- 獲得使用PLC自動化製造過程的實用見解。
- 發現如何使用HMI和SCADA監控和控制工業過程。



本書從工業自動化的基礎知識開始,然後進一步應用開關、傳感器、執行器和馬達,以及直接啟動器(DOL)及其組件,如斷路器、接觸器和過載繼電器。接下來,您將探索VFD,其參數設置以及如何將其布線和編程用於感應馬達控制。隨著您的進步,您將學習主要工業自動化工具(PLC、HMI和SCADA)的布線和編程。您還將掌握過程控制和測量(溫度、壓力、液位和流量),以及模擬信號處理,並通過將4-20 mA發射器連接到PLC進行實踐。最後幾章將幫助您了解各種工業網絡協議,如FOUNDATION Fieldbus、Modbus、PROFIBUS、PROFINET和HART,以及製造業的新趨勢(工業4.0)及其賦能技術(如物聯網、人工智能和機器人技術)。



- 熟悉工業自動化和控制的基本要素。
- 了解基於行業的傳感器和執行器的使用。
- 了解交流、直流、伺服和步進馬達。
- 充分了解VFD、PLC、HMI和SCADA及其應用。
- 探索包括模擬信號處理在內的實踐過程控制系統。
- 熟悉工業網絡和通信協議、有線和無線網絡以及5G。
- 探索智能工廠、物聯網、人工智能和機器人技術等製造業的最新趨勢。



  1. Introduction to Industrial Automation
  2. Switches and Sensors – Working Principles, Applications, and Wiring
  3. Actuators and Their Applications in Industrial Automation
  4. Overview of AC and DC Motors
  5. Introduction to Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  6. Drawing Schematic/Wiring Diagrams Using CAD Software
  7. Understanding PLC Hardware and Wiring
  8. Understanding PLC Software and Programming with TIA Portal
  9. Deep Dive into PLC Programming with TIA Portal
  10. Understanding Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

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開關和感應器 - 工作原理、應用和接線
了解可編程邏輯控制器(PLC)軟體和使用TIA Portal進行編程
深入研究使用TIA Portal進行可編程邏輯控制器(PLC)編程