Salesforce CPQ Implementation Handbook: Configure Salesforce CPQ products to close more deals and generate higher revenue for your business

Ramanujan, Madhu

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  • 出版日期: 2022-04-15
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  • ISBN-13: 9781801077422
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An end-to-end practical guide to implementing Salesforce CPQ solutions, shortening your sales cycle, and generating a higher ROI

Key Features

  • Maximize sales by reducing turnaround time and providing a quick analysis of profits and losses
  • Get up to speed with Salesforce CPQ concepts, best practices, and tips when choosing the right CPQ implementation strategy
  • Implement CPQ configurations and automations for B2B and B2C business scenarios

Book Description

Salesforce CPQ is innovative software that enables you create better quotes, improve quoting accuracy, and maximize sales and deals. It also provides a quick analysis of profits and losses, helping you improve the overall execution of sales processes, and allows a great deal of flexibility for your prospects, customers, and business partners.

The book starts with the Quote-2-Cash business process in Salesforce and shows you how to assess when a business needs to implement CPQ. You'll then progress to configuring opportunities, quotes, and CPQ products. As you advance, you'll understand how to define and configure price books, price rules for CPQ quote automation, multidimensional quoting, and more. Next, you'll look at how to configure CPQ guided selling and create package configurations, contracts, and amendments. Later chapters will demonstrate how to perform data migration from a legacy system and the order in which the objects are to be migrated. You'll also explore CPQ billing and its advantages with the help of different use cases before learning about Industries CPQ and how it is different from standard Salesforce CPQ. Finally, you'll discover best practices for achieving optimal CPQ performance and avoiding performance bottlenecks.

By the end of this Salesforce book, you'll be able to implement Salesforce CPQ for any business.

What you will learn

  • Understand Quote-2-Cash business processes and configure opportunities and quotes
  • Create custom CPQ actions and use custom filters for automating business needs
  • Discover how to configure products and product rules
  • Understand the CPQ pricing structure and methods, rules, multidimensional quoting, and quote automation
  • Explore the CPQ data model and use the Salesforce Schema Builder to view and configure object relationships
  • Configure contracts, amendments, and renewals in Salesforce
  • Focus on CPQ billing and its advantages
  • Gain comprehensive insights into Industries CPQ

Who this book is for

This book is for Salesforce administrators, business analysts, functional consultants, sales managers, Salesforce architects, and those looking to gain Salesforce CPQ certification. Working knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem is recommended to get the most out of this book.


一本從頭到尾實用的指南,教你如何實施Salesforce CPQ解決方案,縮短銷售週期,並產生更高的投資回報率。

- 通過減少交付時間並提供利潤和損失的快速分析,最大化銷售業績
- 瞭解Salesforce CPQ概念、最佳實踐和選擇正確CPQ實施策略的技巧
- 為B2B和B2C業務場景實施CPQ配置和自動化

Salesforce CPQ是一款創新的軟體,能夠幫助您創建更好的報價,提高報價準確性,並最大化銷售和交易。它還能夠快速分析利潤和損失,幫助您改善銷售流程的整體執行,並為您的潛在客戶、客戶和業務合作夥伴提供極大的靈活性。

本書從Salesforce中的報價到現金業務流程開始,並向您展示如何評估業務何時需要實施CPQ。然後,您將進一步配置機會、報價和CPQ產品。隨著進一步的學習,您將瞭解如何定義和配置價格書、CPQ報價自動化的價格規則、多維度報價等等。接下來,您將學習如何配置CPQ引導銷售並創建套餐配置、合同和修訂。後面的章節將演示如何從舊系統進行數據遷移以及遷移對象的順序。您還將探索CPQ計費及其在不同使用案例中的優勢,然後瞭解行業CPQ及其與標準Salesforce CPQ的區別。最後,您將發現實現最佳CPQ性能並避免性能瓶頸的最佳實踐。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠為任何業務實施Salesforce CPQ。

- 瞭解報價到現金業務流程,並配置機會和報價
- 創建自定義CPQ操作,並使用自定義篩選器自動化業務需求
- 瞭解如何配置產品和產品規則
- 瞭解CPQ定價結構、方法、規則、多維度報價和報價自動化
- 探索CPQ數據模型,並使用Salesforce Schema Builder查看和配置對象關係
- 在Salesforce中配置合同、修訂和續約
- 重點關注CPQ計費及其優勢
- 全面瞭解行業CPQ

本書適合Salesforce管理員、業務分析師、功能顧問、銷售經理、Salesforce架構師以及希望獲得Salesforce CPQ認證的人士。建議具備Salesforce生態系統的工作知識,以充分利用本書的內容。


1. Getting Started with Salesforce CPQ Implementation
2. Configuring Opportunities and Quotes
3. Configuring CPQ Products
4. Configuring CPQ Pricing
5. Generating and Configuring Quote Templates
6. Configuring Guided Selling
7. Creating Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals
8. Configuring CPQ Package Settings
9. The CPQ Data Model and Migration Concepts
10. Salesforce Billing
11. Understanding Industries CPQ
12. CPQ Implementation Best Practices


1. Salesforce CPQ 實施入門
2. 配置機會和報價
3. 配置 CPQ 產品
4. 配置 CPQ 定價
5. 生成和配置報價模板
6. 配置引導銷售
7. 創建合同、修訂和續約
8. 配置 CPQ 套餐設置
9. CPQ 數據模型和遷移概念
10. Salesforce Billing
11. 了解行業 CPQ
12. CPQ 實施最佳實踐