Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps with Low Code: Create tailor-made Dynamics 365 CE apps using the powerful low-code capabilities of Pow

Fernández, Nicolás Andrés

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Customize your Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps to increase business productivity and customer value at scale using a low-code approach

Key Features

- Leverage Power Apps and customize Dynamics 365 CE apps to implement advanced business case scenarios
- Create automation with Power Automate to empower Dynamics 365 CE users to increase their productivity
- Easily build bots using Power Virtual Agents for both internal and external use cases

Book Description

Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps with Low Code helps you gain a comprehensive, practical understanding of how a no-code/low-code project approach works for Dynamics 365 (D365) Customer Engagement (CE). This book covers the most relevant native capabilities for configuration, along with real-world scenarios to showcase the magic of extending D365 CE apps with Power Platform.

The book starts by identifying different scenarios and use cases to extend D365 CE apps with a low-code approach. You'll learn about the different capabilities of Dataverse and Power Apps used to extend native applications. Next, you'll discover how to leverage Power Apps, both Canvas apps and model-driven apps, and Power Pages, to build apps and portals around D365 CE processes. You'll also explore Power Automate's capabilities to create or modify business processes, as well as incorporate new processes and automation. As you advance, you'll also discover how Power Virtual Agents can be implemented in D365 CE apps. The book concludes by teaching you to integrate Power BI natively with customer engagement, thus facilitating the construction of advanced reports and dashboards.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained hands-on expertise in customizing CE apps with Power Platform to deliver more scalable and maintainable solutions.

What you will learn

- Leverage the capabilities of Dataverse and Power Apps to extend Dynamics 365 CE native applications
- Create Canvas and model-driven apps on top of Dynamics 365 CE applications
- Integrate AI Builder capabilities with Dynamics 365 CE for advanced solutions
- Create automation with business process flow, cloud flows, and classic workflows
- Deploy a chatbot and integrate it with Dynamics 365 CE processes
- Embed Power BI dashboards and reports in Dynamics 365 CE apps

Who this book is for

This book is for Dynamics 365 developers, solutions architects, technical functional consultants, and pre-sales architects working on Dynamics 365 customer engagement who want to customize and extend their customer engagement apps with the power of low-code/no-code technology, and gain practical experience in using Power Platform components to deliver scalable, maintainable, and intelligent solutions to their clients. Working knowledge of Dynamics 365 and basic knowledge of low-code/no-code technology will help you get the most out of this book.


自訂您的 Dynamics 365 客戶參與應用程式,以低代碼方式提高業務生產力和客戶價值。


- 利用 Power Apps 和自訂 Dynamics 365 CE 應用程式來實現高級業務案例場景
- 使用 Power Automate 創建自動化,使 Dynamics 365 CE 用戶提高生產力
- 使用 Power Virtual Agents 輕鬆建立內部和外部用例的機器人


《使用低代碼擴展 Dynamics 365 客戶參與應用程式》幫助您全面了解低代碼/無代碼項目方法如何適用於 Dynamics 365 (D365) 客戶參與 (CE)。本書介紹了最相關的原生配置功能,並展示了如何使用 Power Platform 擴展 D365 CE 應用程式的魔力。

本書首先確定了使用低代碼方法擴展 D365 CE 應用程式的不同情境和用例。您將了解到用於擴展原生應用程式的 Dataverse 和 Power Apps 的不同功能。接下來,您將發現如何利用 Power Apps(包括 Canvas apps 和模型驅動的 apps)和 Power Pages,在 D365 CE 流程周圍構建應用程式和門戶。您還將探索 Power Automate 的功能,以創建或修改業務流程,並納入新的流程和自動化。隨著進一步的學習,您還將了解如何在 D365 CE 應用程式中實施 Power Virtual Agents。本書最後教您如何將 Power BI 與客戶參與進行本地集成,從而方便構建高級報告和儀表板。

通過閱讀本書,您將獲得使用 Power Platform 自訂 CE 應用程式的實踐經驗,以提供更具可擴展性和可維護性的解決方案。


- 利用 Dataverse 和 Power Apps 的功能,擴展 Dynamics 365 CE 原生應用程式
- 在 Dynamics 365 CE 應用程式之上創建 Canvas 和模型驅動的應用程式
- 將 AI Builder 功能與 Dynamics 365 CE 集成,實現高級解決方案
- 使用業務流程、雲端流程和傳統工作流程創建自動化
- 部署聊天機器人並將其與 Dynamics 365 CE 流程集成
- 在 Dynamics 365 CE 應用程式中嵌入 Power BI 儀表板和報告

本書適合對 Dynamics 365 開發人員、解決方案架構師、技術功能顧問和售前架構師等從事 Dynamics 365 客戶參與工作的人士,他們希望利用低代碼/無代碼技術自訂和擴展客戶參與應用程式,並獲得使用 Power Platform 組件提供可擴展、可維護和智能解決方案的實踐經驗。對 Dynamics 365 的工作知識和低代碼/無代碼技術的基本知識將有助於您充分利用本書的內容。


1. Dynamics 365 Engagement as a No-Code/Low-Code Platform
2. Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with a No-Code/Low-Code Approach
3. Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement native applications
4. Building applications with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
5. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with custom embedded applications
6. Integrating Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence in applications
7.User Empowerment
8. Working with data
9. Integrating artificial intelligence to processes
10. Customer Faced Bots
11. Enabling bots to users
12. Reporting dashboards with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement data
13. Embedded dashboards and reports in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


1. Dynamics 365 Engagement作為一個無代碼/低代碼平台
2. 以無代碼/低代碼方法擴展Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
3. 擴展Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement原生應用程式
4. 使用Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement建立應用程式
5. 使用自訂嵌入式應用程式的Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
6. 在應用程式中整合混合實境和人工智慧
7. 使用者賦能
8. 處理資料
9. 將人工智慧整合到流程中
10. 面向客戶的機器人
11. 啟用機器人給使用者
12. 使用Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement資料的報告儀表板
13. 在Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement中嵌入儀表板和報告