Azure for Developers - Second Edition: Implement rich Azure PaaS ecosystems using containers, serverless services, and storage solutions

Mrzyglód, Kamil

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-30
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Develop cloud applications based on the most popular Azure services, including hosting web applications, running containers, storing data using both relational and non-relational databases, and much more

Key Features:

  • Take a modern approach to Azure Cloud development and management
  • Get a detailed introduction to services such as web hosting, databases, and serverless platforms
  • Get the hang of cloud services with this practical, developer-centric guide for Azure developers

Book Description:

Microsoft Azure is currently one of the fastest growing public cloud service providers thanks to its sophisticated set of services for building fault-tolerant and scalable cloud-based applications.

This second edition of Azure for Developers will take you on a journey through the various PaaS services available in Azure, including Azure App Service, Azure Functions, and Azure SQL Databases, showing you how to build a complete and reliable system with ease. Throughout the book, you'll discover ways to enhance your skills when building cloud-based solutions leveraging different SQL/NoSQL databases, serverless and messaging components, containerized solutions, and even search engines such as Azure Cognitive Search. That's not all!! The book also covers more advanced scenarios such as scalability best practices, serving static content with Azure CDN, and distributing loads with Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Application Gateway, and Azure Front Door.

By the end of this Azure book, you'll be able to build modern applications on the Azure cloud using the most popular and promising technologies to make your solutions reliable, stable, and efficient.

What You Will Learn:

  • Identify the Azure services that can help you get the results you need
  • Implement PaaS components - Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Traffic Manager, CDN, Notification Hubs, and Azure Cognitive Search
  • Work with serverless components
  • Integrate applications with storage
  • Put together messaging components (Event Hubs, Service Bus, and Azure Queue Storage)
  • Use Application Insights to create complete monitoring solutions
  • Secure solutions using Azure RBAC and manage identities
  • Develop fast and scalable cloud applications

Who this book is for:

This book is for developers and IT professionals who want to learn Microsoft Azure by developing applications based on various cloud services. Prior knowledge of software development and the basics of software architecture and Azure services give you an advantage.


基於最受歡迎的 Azure 服務開發雲應用程式,包括託管網絡應用程式、運行容器、使用關聯和非關聯數據庫存儲數據等等


  • 以現代化方式進行 Azure 雲開發和管理

  • 詳細介紹 Web 託管、數據庫和無服務平台等服務

  • 通過這本實用的面向開發人員的 Azure 開發指南,掌握雲服務


由於其用於構建容錯和可擴展的基於雲的應用程式的複雜服務組合,Microsoft Azure 目前是增長最快的公共雲服務提供商之一。

《Azure for Developers》第二版將帶您深入了解 Azure 中可用的各種平台即服務 (PaaS) 服務,包括 Azure App Service、Azure Functions 和 Azure SQL 數據庫,並向您展示如何輕鬆構建完整可靠的系統。在整本書中,您將發現如何在構建基於雲的解決方案時,利用不同的 SQL/NoSQL 數據庫、無服務和消息組件、容器化解決方案,甚至 Azure Cognitive Search 等搜索引擎來提升自己的技能。這還不是全部!本書還涵蓋了更高級的場景,例如可擴展性最佳實踐、使用 Azure CDN 提供靜態內容以及使用 Azure Traffic Manager、Azure Application Gateway 和 Azure Front Door 分發負載。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠使用最受歡迎和有前景的技術在 Azure 雲上構建現代應用程式,使您的解決方案可靠、穩定且高效。


  • 確定可幫助您獲得所需結果的 Azure 服務

  • 實施 PaaS 組件 - Azure App Service、Azure SQL、Traffic Manager、CDN、Notification Hubs 和 Azure Cognitive Search

  • 使用無服務組件

  • 將應用程式與存儲集成

  • 組合消息組件(Event Hubs、Service Bus 和 Azure Queue Storage)

  • 使用 Application Insights 創建完整的監控解決方案

  • 使用 Azure RBAC 保護解決方案並管理身份

  • 開發快速且可擴展的雲應用程式


本書適合開發人員和 IT 專業人員,他們希望通過基於各種雲服務開發應用程式來學習 Microsoft Azure。具備軟體開發和軟體架構基礎知識以及 Azure 服務的基礎知識將使您更具優勢。