DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu: Build, run, and manage secure multi-cloud apps at scale on Kubernetes with the Tanzu portfolio

Pandit, Parth, Hardt, Robert

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  • 出版日期: 2023-01-20
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  • ISBN: 1803241349
  • ISBN-13: 9781803241340
  • 相關分類: Kubernetes虛擬化技術 Virtualization
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Modernize your apps, run them in containers on Kubernetes, and understand the business value and the nitty-gritty of the VMware Tanzu portfolio with hands-on instructions

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Key Features

- Gain insights into the key features and capabilities of distinct VMWare Tanzu products
- Learn how and when to use the different Tanzu products for common day-1 and day-2 operations
- Modernize applications deployed on multi-cloud platforms using DevSecOps best practices

Book Description

As Kubernetes (or K8s) becomes more prolific, managing large clusters at scale in a multi-cloud environment becomes more challenging – especially from a developer productivity and operational efficiency point of view. DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu addresses these challenges by automating the delivery of containerized workloads and controlling multi-cloud Kubernetes operations using Tanzu tools.

This comprehensive guide begins with an overview of the VMWare Tanzu platform and discusses its tools for building useful and secure applications using the App Accelerator, Build Service, Catalog service, and API portal. Next, you'll delve into running those applications efficiently at scale with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Application Platform. As you advance, you'll find out how to manage these applications, and control, observe, and connect them using Tanzu Mission Control, Tanzu Observability, and Tanzu Service Mesh. Finally, you'll explore the architecture, capabilities, features, installation, configuration, implementation, and benefits of these services with the help of examples.

By the end of this VMware book, you'll have gained a thorough understanding of the VMWare Tanzu platform and be able to efficiently articulate and solve real-world business problems.

What you will learn

- Build apps to run as containers using predefined templates
- Generate secure container images from application source code
- Build secure open source backend services container images
- Deploy and manage a Kubernetes-based private container registry
- Manage a multi-cloud deployable Kubernetes platform
- Define a secure path to production for Kubernetes-based applications
- Streamline multi-cloud Kubernetes operations and observability
- Connect containerized apps securely using service mesh

Who this book is for

This book is for cloud platform engineers and DevOps engineers who want to learn about the operations of tools under the VMware Tanzu umbrella. The book also serves as a useful reference for application developers and solutions architects as well as IT leaders who want to understand how business and security outcomes can be achieved using the tools covered in this book. Prior knowledge of containers and Kubernetes will help you get the most out of this book.


現代化您的應用程式,將它們在Kubernetes上以容器方式運行,並透過實踐指南來了解VMware Tanzu產品的商業價值和細節。



- 瞭解不同VMware Tanzu產品的主要特點和功能
- 學習何時以及如何使用不同的Tanzu產品進行日常操作和日常維護
- 使用DevSecOps最佳實踐來現代化部署在多雲平台上的應用程式


隨著Kubernetes(或K8s)變得更加普及,在多雲環境中以大規模管理集群變得更具挑戰性,特別是從開發人員生產力和運營效率的角度來看。《使用VMware Tanzu實踐DevSecOps》通過使用Tanzu工具自動交付容器化工作負載並控制多雲Kubernetes操作來應對這些挑戰。

這本全面的指南首先概述了VMware Tanzu平台,並討論了使用App Accelerator、Build Service、Catalog service和API portal構建有用且安全應用程式的工具。接下來,您將深入研究使用Tanzu Kubernetes Grid和Tanzu Application Platform高效地大規模運行這些應用程式。隨著進一步的學習,您將了解如何管理這些應用程式,並使用Tanzu Mission Control、Tanzu Observability和Tanzu Service Mesh進行控制、觀察和連接。最後,您將通過示例探索這些服務的架構、功能、安裝、配置、實施和好處。

通過閱讀本VMware書籍,您將全面了解VMware Tanzu平台,並能夠有效地陳述和解決現實世界的業務問題。


- 使用預定義模板構建運行為容器的應用程式
- 從應用程式源代碼生成安全的容器映像
- 構建安全的開源後端服務容器映像
- 部署和管理基於Kubernetes的私有容器註冊表
- 管理可在多雲部署的Kubernetes平台
- 為基於Kubernetes的應用程式定義安全的上線路徑
- 簡化多雲Kubernetes操作和觀察
- 使用服務網格安全地連接容器化應用程式

本書適合雲平台工程師和DevOps工程師,他們想要了解VMware Tanzu傘下工具的操作。本書也是應用程式開發人員、解決方案架構師以及希望了解如何使用本書中涵蓋的工具實現業務和安全結果的IT領導者的有用參考。對容器和Kubernetes的先備知識將有助於您充分利用本書的內容。


1. Understanding the Need to Move to a Cloud Platform
2. Developing Cloud-Native Applications
3. Building Secure Container Images with Build Service
4. Provisioning Backing Services for Applications
5. Defining and Managing Business APIs
6. Managing Container Images with Harbor
7. Orchestrating Containers across Clouds with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
8. Enhancing Developer Productivity with Tanzu Application Platform
9. Managing and Controlling Kubernetes Clusters with Tanzu Mission Control
10. Realizing Full-Stack Visibility with VMWare Aria Operations for Applications
11. Enabling Secure Inter-Service Communication with Tanzu Service Mesh
12. Bringing It All Together
13. Appendix


1. 了解轉移到雲平台的需求
2. 開發雲原生應用程式
3. 使用建置服務建立安全的容器映像檔
4. 為應用程式提供支援服務
5. 定義和管理商業 API
6. 使用 Harbor 管理容器映像檔
7. 使用 Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 在雲端間編排容器
8. 使用 Tanzu Application Platform 提升開發人員生產力
9. 使用 Tanzu Mission Control 管理和控制 Kubernetes 叢集
10. 使用 VMWare Aria Operations for Applications 實現全棧可見性
11. 使用 Tanzu Service Mesh 實現安全的服務間通訊
12. 將所有內容整合在一起
13. 附錄