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Become an expert in Terraform on Google Cloud by using Infrastructure as Code for provisioning multiple yet consistent environments to increase productivity in no time

Key Features

- Get up and running with Terraform on Google Cloud
- Learn Terraform concepts using Google Cloud code examples
- Apply Terraform to deploy realistic multi-tiered architectures quickly and repeatedly

Book Description

Google Cloud has adopted Terraform as the standard Infrastructure as Code tool. This necessitates a solid understanding of Terraform for any cloud architect or engineer working on Google Cloud. Yet no specific resources are available that focus on how to use Terraform on Google Cloud.

This is the first book that teaches Terraform specifically for Google Cloud. You will take a journey from the basic concepts through to deploying complex architectures using Terraform. Using extensive code examples, you will receive guidance on how to authenticate Terraform in Google Cloud. As you advance, you'll get to grips with all the essential concepts of the Terraform language as applied to Google Cloud and deploy complete working architectures at the push of a button. Finally, you'll also be able to improve your Terraform workflow using Google Cloud native and third-party tools.

By the end of this Terraform book, you will have gained a thorough understanding of Terraform and how to use it on Google Cloud, and be able to develop effective Terraform code, build reusable code, and utilize public domain Terraform modules to deploy on Google Cloud faster and more securely.

What you will learn

- Authenticate Terraform in Google Cloud using multiple methods
- Write efficient Terraform code
- Use modules to share Terraform templates
- Manage multiple environments in Google Cloud
- Apply Terraform to deploy multi-tiered architectures
- Use public modules to deploy complex architectures quickly
- Integrate Terraform into your Google Cloud environment

Who this book is for

This book is for Google Cloud architects and engineers who want to increase their productivity by using Terraform to automate the provisioning of Google Cloud deployments. A basic understanding of Google Cloud, such as the ability to provision resources using the Google Cloud console and using Cloud Shell, is assumed. Certification in Google Cloud is not required but helpful.


透過使用基礎設施即代碼 (Infrastructure as Code) 在 Google Cloud 上使用 Terraform,成為一位專家,以提供多個一致的環境,以提高生產力。

- 快速上手並使用 Terraform 在 Google Cloud 上
- 使用 Google Cloud 代碼範例學習 Terraform 概念
- 應用 Terraform 快速且重複地部署真實的多層架構

Google Cloud 已將 Terraform 採用為標準的基礎設施即代碼工具。這要求任何在 Google Cloud 上工作的雲架構師或工程師都要對 Terraform 有扎實的理解。然而,目前沒有特定的資源專注於如何在 Google Cloud 上使用 Terraform。

這是第一本專門教授如何在 Google Cloud 上使用 Terraform 的書籍。您將從基本概念開始,透過使用 Terraform 部署複雜的架構,進行一段旅程。使用大量的代碼範例,您將獲得有關如何在 Google Cloud 中驗證 Terraform 的指導。隨著您的進步,您將深入了解 Terraform 語言的所有基本概念,並能夠在按下按鈕時部署完整的工作架構。最後,您還可以使用 Google Cloud 原生和第三方工具來改進 Terraform 工作流程。

通過閱讀本 Terraform 書籍,您將全面了解 Terraform 以及如何在 Google Cloud 上使用它,並能夠開發有效的 Terraform 代碼,構建可重複使用的代碼,並利用公共領域的 Terraform 模組在 Google Cloud 上更快且更安全地部署。

- 使用多種方法在 Google Cloud 中驗證 Terraform
- 撰寫高效的 Terraform 代碼
- 使用模組分享 Terraform 範本
- 在 Google Cloud 中管理多個環境
- 應用 Terraform 部署多層架構
- 使用公共模組快速部署複雜架構
- 將 Terraform 整合到您的 Google Cloud 環境中

本書適合 Google Cloud 架構師和工程師,他們希望通過使用 Terraform 自動化 Google Cloud 部署的方式來提高生產力。假設讀者對 Google Cloud 有基本的了解,例如能夠使用 Google Cloud 控制台和 Cloud Shell 來配置資源。Google Cloud 認證不是必需的,但有幫助。


1. Getting Started with Terraform on Google Cloud
2. Exploring Terraform
3. Writing Efficient Terraform Code
4. Writing Reusable Code using Modules
5. Managing Environments
6. Deploying a traditional Three Tier Architecture
7. Deploying a Cloud Native Architecture using Cloud Run
8. Deploying GKE using Public Modules
9. Developing Terraform Code Efficiently
10. Google Cloud Integration


1. 在 Google Cloud 上開始使用 Terraform
2. 探索 Terraform
3. 撰寫高效的 Terraform 代碼
4. 使用模組撰寫可重複使用的代碼
5. 管理環境
6. 部署傳統的三層架構
7. 使用 Cloud Run 部署雲原生架構
8. 使用公共模組部署 GKE
9. 高效開發 Terraform 代碼
10. Google Cloud 整合