Kubernetes in Production Best Practices: Build and manage highly available production-ready Kubernetes clusters (Paperback)

Saleh, Aly, Karslioglu, Murat

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  • 出版日期: 2021-03-12
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Design, build, and operate scalable and reliable Kubernetes infrastructure for production

Key Features

  • Implement industry best practices to build and manage production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Learn how to architect scalable Kubernetes clusters, harden container security, and fine-tune resource management
  • Understand, manage, and operate complex business workloads confidently

Book Description

Although out-of-the-box solutions can help you to get a cluster up and running quickly, running a Kubernetes cluster that is optimized for production workloads is a challenge, especially for users with basic or intermediate knowledge. With detailed coverage of cloud industry standards and best practices for achieving scalability, availability, operational excellence, and cost optimization, this Kubernetes book is a blueprint for managing applications and services in production.

You'll discover the most common way to deploy and operate Kubernetes clusters, which is to use a public cloud-managed service from AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This book explores Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), the AWS-managed version of Kubernetes, for working through practical exercises. As you get to grips with implementation details specific to AWS and EKS, you'll understand the design concepts, implementation best practices, and configuration applicable to other cloud-managed services. Throughout the book, you'll also discover standard and cloud-agnostic tools, such as Terraform and Ansible, for provisioning and configuring infrastructure.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to leverage Kubernetes to operate and manage your production environments confidently.

What you will learn

  • Explore different infrastructure architectures for Kubernetes deployment
  • Implement optimal open source and commercial storage management solutions
  • Apply best practices for provisioning and configuring Kubernetes clusters, including infrastructure as code (IaC) and configuration as code (CAC)
  • Configure the cluster networking plugin and core networking components to get the best out of them
  • Secure your Kubernetes environment using the latest tools and best practices
  • Deploy core observability stacks, such as monitoring and logging, to fine-tune your infrastructure

Who this book is for

This book is for cloud infrastructure experts, DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, and engineering managers looking to design and operate Kubernetes infrastructure for production. Basic knowledge of Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Linux, and AWS is needed to get the most out of this book.




  • 實施行業最佳實踐,構建和管理生產級Kubernetes基礎設施

  • 學習如何設計可擴展的Kubernetes集群,加強容器安全性,並進行資源管理微調

  • 自信地理解、管理和運營複雜的業務工作負載



您將了解部署和運營Kubernetes集群的最常見方式,即使用AWS、Azure或Google Cloud Platform(GCP)的公共雲管理服務。本書探討了Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service(Amazon EKS),即AWS管理的Kubernetes版本,以進行實際練習。隨著您熟悉特定於AWS和EKS的實施細節,您將了解設計概念、最佳實踐和適用於其他雲管理服務的配置。在整本書中,您還將發現標準和與雲無關的工具,如Terraform和Ansible,用於供應和配置基礎設施。



  • 探索不同的Kubernetes部署基礎設施架構

  • 實施最佳的開源和商業存儲管理解決方案

  • 應用最佳實踐來供應和配置Kubernetes集群,包括基礎設施即代碼(IaC)和配置即代碼(CAC)

  • 配置集群網絡插件和核心網絡組件,以獲得最佳效果

  • 使用最新工具和最佳實踐保護您的Kubernetes環境

  • 部署核心的可觀察性堆棧,如監控和日誌記錄,以微調您的基礎設施




Aly Saleh is a technology entrepreneur, cloud transformation leader, and architect. He has worked for the past 2 decades on building large-scale software solutions and cloud-based platforms and services that are used by millions of users. He is a co-founder of MAVS Cloud, a start-up that empowers organizations to leverage the power of the cloud. He also played various technical roles at Oracle, Vodafone, FreshBooks, Aurea Software, and Ceros.

Aly holds degrees in computer science, and he has gained multiple credentials in AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes, with a focus on building cloud platforms, app modernization, containerization, and architecting distributed systems. He is an advocate for cloud best practices, remote work, and globally distributed teams.

Murat Karslioglu is a distinguished technologist with years of experience using infrastructure tools and technologies. Murat is currently the VP of products at MayaData, a start-up that builds data agility platform for stateful applications, and a maintainer of open source projects, namely OpenEBS and Litmus. In his free time, Murat is busy writing practical articles about DevOps best practices, CI/CD, Kubernetes, and running stateful applications on popular Kubernetes platforms on his blog, Containerized Me. Murat also runs a cloud-native news curator site, The Containerized Today, where he regularly publishes updates on the Kubernetes ecosystem.


Aly Saleh 是一位科技創業家、雲端轉型領導者和架構師。他在過去的二十年中致力於建立大型軟體解決方案和雲端平台,這些平台和服務被數百萬用戶使用。他是 MAVS Cloud 的共同創辦人,這是一家初創公司,旨在讓組織能夠充分利用雲端的威力。他還曾在 Oracle、Vodafone、FreshBooks、Aurea Software 和 Ceros 擔任過各種技術角色。

Aly 擁有計算機科學學位,並在 AWS、GCP 和 Kubernetes 方面獲得了多個認證,專注於建立雲端平台、應用現代化、容器化和架構分散式系統。他是雲端最佳實踐、遠程工作和全球分散團隊的倡導者。

Murat Karslioglu 是一位傑出的技術專家,擁有多年使用基礎設施工具和技術的經驗。Murat 目前是 MayaData 的產品副總裁,MayaData 是一家為有狀態應用程序建立數據靈活性平台的初創公司,他還是開源項目 OpenEBS 和 Litmus 的維護者。在空閒時間,Murat 忙於在他的博客 Containerized Me 上撰寫有關 DevOps 最佳實踐、CI/CD、Kubernetes 和在流行的 Kubernetes 平台上運行有狀態應用程序的實用文章。Murat 還運營一個雲原生新聞整理網站 The Containerized Today,在該網站上定期發布有關 Kubernetes 生態系統的更新。


  1. Introduction to Kubernetes Infrastructure and Production-Readiness
  2. Architecting Production-Grade Kubernetes Infrastructure
  3. Provisioning Kubernetes Clusters Using AWS and Terraform
  4. Managing Cluster Configuration with Ansible
  5. Configuring and Enhancing Kubernetes Networking Services
  6. Securing Kubernetes Effectively
  7. Managing Storage and Stateful Applications
  8. Deploying Seamless and Reliable Applications
  9. Monitoring, Logging, and Observability
  10. Operating and Maintaining Efficient Kubernetes Clusters


  • 介紹 Kubernetes 基礎架構和生產就緒性

  • 設計生產級 Kubernetes 基礎架構

  • 使用 AWS 和 Terraform 配置 Kubernetes 叢集

  • 使用 Ansible 管理叢集配置

  • 配置和增強 Kubernetes 網絡服務

  • 有效保護 Kubernetes

  • 管理存儲和有狀態應用程序

  • 部署無縫可靠的應用程序

  • 監控、日誌記錄和可觀察性

  • 運營和維護高效的 Kubernetes 叢集