Cybersecurity and Privacy Law Handbook: A beginner's guide to dealing with privacy and security while keeping hackers at bay

Rocchi, Walter

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-16
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 230
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  • ISBN: 1803242418
  • ISBN-13: 9781803242415
  • 相關分類: 資訊安全駭客 Hack
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Get to grips with cybersecurity and privacy laws to protect your company's data and comply with international privacy standards

Key Features:

  • Comply with cybersecurity standards and protect your data from hackers
  • Identify the gaps in your company's security posture using gap analysis and business impact analysis
  • Understand what you need to do for security and privacy without needing to pay consultants

Book Description:

Cybercriminals are incessantly coming up with new ways to compromise online systems and wreak havoc, creating an ever-growing need for cybersecurity practitioners in every organization across the globe who understand international security standards, such as the ISO27k family of standards.

If you're looking to ensure that your company's data conforms to these standards, Cybersecurity and Privacy Law Handbook has got you covered. It'll not only equip you with the rudiments of cybersecurity but also guide you through privacy laws and explain how you can ensure compliance to protect yourself from cybercrime and avoid the hefty fines imposed for non-compliance with standards.

Assuming that you're new to the field, this book starts by introducing cybersecurity frameworks and concepts used throughout the chapters. You'll understand why privacy is paramount and how to find the security gaps in your company's systems. There's a practical element to the book as well-you'll prepare policies and procedures to prevent your company from being breached. You'll complete your learning journey by exploring cloud security and the complex nature of privacy laws in the US.

By the end of this cybersecurity book, you'll be well-placed to protect your company's data and comply with the relevant standards.

What You Will Learn:

  • Strengthen the cybersecurity posture throughout your organization
  • Use both ISO27001 and NIST to make a better security framework
  • Understand privacy laws such as GDPR, PCI CSS, HIPAA, and FTC
  • Discover how to implement training to raise cybersecurity awareness
  • Find out how to comply with cloud privacy regulations
  • Examine the complex privacy laws in the US

Who this book is for:

If you're a seasoned IT security or cybersecurity pro, this book isn't for you. This book is for novices, freshers, students, experts in other fields, as well as managers who want to learn the workings and management of a security function. Although this book will teach you how to build and manage a security function on your own, you'll also find it valuable if you want to supervise a team devoted to implementing cybersecurity and privacy practices in an organization.



- 遵守資訊安全標準,保護數據免受駭客攻擊
- 使用差距分析和業務影響分析來識別公司安全狀態的缺口
- 無需請顧問,了解保護安全和隱私所需的措施




- 加強組織的資訊安全狀態
- 同時使用ISO27001和NIST來建立更好的安全框架
- 瞭解如何實施培訓以提高資訊安全意識
- 瞭解如何遵守雲隱私法規
- 研究美國複雜的隱私法規