Managing Risks in Digital Transformation: Navigate the modern landscape of digital threats with the help of real-world examples and use cases

Kumar, Ashish, Kumar, Shashank, Kudrati, Abbas

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  • 出版日期: 2023-04-14
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Secure your business in a post-pandemic world: Master digital risk identification and defense

Key Features

  • Become well-versed with sophisticated system-level security risks and the zero-trust framework
  • Learn about remote working risks, modern collaboration, and securing the digital data estate
  • Keep up with rapidly evolving compliances and regulations and their impact on cyber risks

Book Description

With the rapid pace of digital change today, especially since the pandemic sped up digital transformation and technologies, it has become more important than ever to be aware of the unknown risks and the landscape of digital threats. This book highlights various risks and shows how business-as-usual operations carried out by unaware or targeted workers can lead your organization to a regulatory or business risk, which can impact your organization's reputation and balance sheet.

This book is your guide to identifying the topmost risks relevant to your business with a clear roadmap of when to start the risk mitigation process and what your next steps should be. With a focus on the new and emerging risks that remote-working companies are experiencing across diverse industries, you'll learn how to manage risks by taking advantage of zero trust network architecture and the steps to be taken when smart devices are compromised. Toward the end, you'll explore various types of AI-powered machines and be ready to make your business future-proof.

In a nutshell, this book will direct you on how to identify and mitigate risks that the ever- advancing digital technology has unleashed.

What you will learn

  • Become aware of and adopt the right approach to modern digital transformation
  • Explore digital risks across companies of all sizes
  • Study real-world cases that focus on post-pandemic digital transformation
  • Understand insider threats and how to mitigate vulnerability exploitation
  • Get to know how cyberwarfare targets infrastructure and disrupts critical systems
  • Discover how implementing a regulatory framework can safeguard you in the current and future data landscapes

Who this book is for

This book is for three categories of readers—those who own a business and are planning to scale it; those who are leading business and technology charters in large companies or institutions; and those who are academically or disciplinarily targeting cybersecurity and risk management as a practice-area.

Essentially, this book is for board members, and professionals working in IT, GRC, and legal domains. It will also help technology leaders, including chief digital officers, chief privacy officers, chief risk officers, CISOs, CIOs, as well as students and cybersecurity enthusiasts with basic awareness of risks to navigate the digital threat landscape.




- 熟悉複雜的系統級安全風險和零信任架構
- 了解遠程工作風險、現代協作和保護數位數據資產
- 跟上快速變化的合規和法規要求,以及它們對網絡風險的影響






- 意識到並採取正確的現代數位轉型方法
- 探索各種規模公司的數位風險
- 研究以後疫情數位轉型為重點的實際案例
- 了解內部威脅以及如何減輕漏洞利用
- 了解網絡戰爭如何針對基礎設施並破壞關鍵系統
- 發現實施監管框架如何在當前和未來的數據環境中保護您





  1. Invisible Digitization Tsunami
  2. Going Digital
  3. Visible and Invisible Risks
  4. Remote Working and the Element of Trust
  5. The Emergence of Zero Trust and Risk Equation
  6. The Human Risk at Work
  7. Modern Collaboration and Risk Amplification
  8. Insider Risk and Impact
  9. Real Examples and Scenarios
  10. Cyberwarfare
  11. An Introduction to Regulatory Risks
  12. The Evolution of Risk and Compliance Management
  13. The Role of Data and Privacy in Risk Management
  14. Remote work and Virtual Workforce
  15. Automation and Virtual Humans
  16. The Role of AI in Managing Future Lockdowns


- 看不見的數位化海嘯
- 走向數位化
- 明顯和隱藏的風險
- 遠程工作和信任要素
- 零信任和風險方程的出現
- 工作中的人為風險
- 現代協作和風險放大
- 內部風險和影響
- 真實案例和情境
- 網絡戰爭
- 監管風險介紹
- 風險和合規管理的演變
- 數據和隱私在風險管理中的角色
- 遠程工作和虛擬勞動力
- 自動化和虛擬人類
- AI在管理未來封鎖中的角色介紹