SharePoint Architect's Planning Guide: Create reusable architecture and governance to support collaboration with SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Tucker, Patrick

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-30
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A practical handbook with proven recommendations and design considerations for creating elegant SharePoint solutions and integrating with other collaboration tools to build value for your organization

Key Features:

  • Learn how to structure sites, pages, and data with effective metadata
  • Understand the modernization of SharePoint over time and discover ways to leverage its out-of-the-box features
  • Fit all the pieces together across cloud tools like Teams, OneDrive, Planner, and Forms

Book Description:

After opening a toolbox full of tools, it can initially be hard to know which is the right one for the job - which tool works best and when. Showing you how to create an informed and purposeful plan for SharePoint Online in the context of the Microsoft 365 suite of tools is what this book is all about.

SharePoint Architect's Planning Guide will help you understand all you can do with SharePoint. Whether the tools are new to you or you've used the older versions in the past, your journey will start by learning about the building blocks. This book is not a step-by-step guide; there are tons of online resources to give you that and to help you better keep up with the pace of change. This book is a planning guide, helping you with the context, capabilities, and considerations for implementing SharePoint Online in the most successful way possible. Whether you need to plan a new intranet, migrate files to a modern platform, or take advantage of tools such as Power Platform, Teams, and Planner, this guide will help you get to grips with the technology, ask the right questions to build your plan, and successfully implement it from the technical and user adoption perspectives.

By the end of this Microsoft book, you'll be able to perceive the toolbox as a whole and efficiently prepare a planning and governance document for use in your organization.

What You Will Learn:

  • Find out how to build or migrate to an effective modern intranet
  • Explore how SharePoint works with other Microsoft 365 tools
  • Discover best practices for extending SharePoint
  • Understand the ways to implement effective metadata
  • Plan for successful adoption and change management
  • Explore best practices for site and data architecture

Who this book is for:

This book is for any IT professional looking for an all-encompassing view of the collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 to plan for successful SharePoint adoption. This book will benefit long-time SharePoint on-premises administrators making a leap to the cloud, as well as IT architects with experience in other areas who've never worked with SharePoint.



- 學習如何使用有效的元數據結構化站點、頁面和數據
- 了解SharePoint隨著時間的推移進行現代化,並發現如何利用其開箱即用的功能
- 將Teams、OneDrive、Planner和Forms等雲工具的所有組件整合在一起

當打開一個充滿工具的工具箱時,最初很難知道哪個是適合工作的工具-哪個工具最好且何時使用。這本書的目的是向您展示如何在Microsoft 365工具套件的背景下為SharePoint Online創建一個明智和有目的的計劃。

《SharePoint架構師的規劃指南》將幫助您了解SharePoint的所有功能。無論這些工具對您來說是新的還是您過去使用過的舊版本,您的旅程將從學習基礎知識開始。這本書不是一本逐步指南;有很多在線資源可以提供這方面的指導,並幫助您更好地跟上變化的速度。這本書是一本規劃指南,幫助您了解在最成功的方式中實施SharePoint Online所需的背景、功能和考慮因素。無論您需要規劃新的內部網、將文件遷移到現代平台,還是利用Power Platform、Teams和Planner等工具,本指南都將幫助您熟悉技術,提出正確的問題來建立計劃,並從技術和用戶採用的角度成功實施。


- 了解如何建立或遷移到有效的現代內部網
- 探索SharePoint與其他Microsoft 365工具的配合方式
- 發現擴展SharePoint的最佳實踐方法
- 理解實施有效元數據的方法
- 規劃成功的採用和變革管理
- 探索站點和數據架構的最佳實踐方法

本書適合尋求全面了解Microsoft 365協作工具以規劃成功的SharePoint採用的任何IT專業人士。這本書將對將SharePoint從本地部署轉移到雲端的長期SharePoint管理員以及在其他領域具有經驗但從未使用過SharePoint的IT架構師有所幫助。