Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins - Third Edition: An end-to-end guide to creating operational, secure, resilient, and cost-effective CI/CD

Pathania, Nikhil

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  • 出版日期: 2024-01-31
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  • ISBN: 1835087736
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Integrate Jenkins, Kubernetes, and more on cloud into a robust, GitOps-driven CI/CD system, leveraging JCasC, IaC, and AI for a streamlined software delivery process

Key Features:

  • Follow the construction of a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline start to finish through a real-world example
  • Construct a continuous deployment (CD) pipeline in Jenkins using GitOps principles and integration with Argo CD
  • Craft and optimize your CI pipeline code with ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description:

This updated edition of Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins is your one-stop guide to implementing CI/CD with Jenkins, addressing crucial technologies such as cloud computing, containerization, Infrastructure as Code, and GitOps. Tailored to both beginners and seasoned developers, the book provides a practical path to mastering a production-grade, secure, resilient, and cost-effective CI/CD setup.

Starting with a detailed introduction to the fundamental principles of CI, this book systematically takes you through setting up a CI environment using Jenkins and other pivotal DevOps tools within the CI/CD ecosystem. You'll learn to write pipeline code with AI assistance and craft your own CI pipeline. With the help of hands-on tutorials, you'll gain a profound understanding of the CI process and Jenkins' robust capabilities. Additionally, the book teaches you how to expand your CI pipeline with automated testing and deployment, setting the stage for continuous deployment. To help you through the complete software delivery process, this book also covers methods to ensure that your CI/CD setup is maintainable across teams, secure, and performs optimally.

By the end of the book, you'll have become an expert in implementing and optimizing CI/CD setups across diverse teams.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand CI with the Golden Circle theory
  • Deploy Jenkins on the cloud using Helm charts and Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC)
  • Implement optimal security practices to ensure Jenkins operates securely
  • Extend Jenkins for CI by integrating with SonarQube, GitHub, and Artifactory
  • Scale Jenkins using containers and the cloud for optimal performance
  • Master Jenkins declarative syntax to enrich your pipeline coding vocabulary
  • Enhance security and improve pipeline code within your CI/CD process using best practices

Who this book is for:

This book is for a diverse audience, from university students studying Agile software development to seasoned developers, testers, release engineers, and project managers. If you're already using Jenkins for CI, this book will assist you in elevating your projects to CD. Whether you're new to the concepts of Agile, CI, and CD, or a DevOps engineer seeking advanced insights into JCasC, IaC, and Azure, this book will equip you with the tools to harness Jenkins for improved productivity and streamlined deliveries in the cloud.



「將 Jenkins、Kubernetes 等雲端技術整合成一個強大的 GitOps 驅動 CI/CD 系統,並利用 JCasC、IaC 和 AI 來實現流暢的軟體交付流程。

- 透過一個實際案例,從頭到尾了解 Jenkins CI/CD 流程的建構
- 使用 GitOps 原則和與 Argo CD 的整合,在 Jenkins 中建立持續部署 (CD) 流程
- 利用 ChatGPT 和 GitHub Copilot 編寫和優化 CI 流程代碼
- 購買印刷版或 Kindle 版本的書籍將附送免費的 PDF 電子書

這本更新版的《學習 Jenkins 持續整合》是您實施 Jenkins CI/CD 的一站式指南,涵蓋了關鍵技術,如雲端運算、容器化、基礎架構即代碼和 GitOps。本書針對初學者和有經驗的開發人員,提供了一條實用的路徑,以掌握生產級、安全、可靠且具有成本效益的 CI/CD 環境。

從詳細介紹 CI 的基本原則開始,本書系統地引導您在 CI/CD 生態系統中使用 Jenkins 和其他關鍵 DevOps 工具建立 CI 環境。您將學習使用 AI 輔助編寫流程代碼並構建自己的 CI 流程。通過實際操作教學,您將深入了解 CI 流程和 Jenkins 的強大功能。此外,本書還教您如何通過自動化測試和部署擴展 CI 流程,為持續部署做好準備。為了幫助您完成完整的軟體交付流程,本書還介紹了確保 CI/CD 環境在團隊間可維護、安全且性能優越的方法。

通過閱讀本書,您將成為在不同團隊中實施和優化 CI/CD 環境的專家。

- 了解 CI 的黃金圈理論
- 使用 Helm charts 和 Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) 在雲端上部署 Jenkins
- 實施最佳安全實踐,確保 Jenkins 的安全運作
- 通過與 SonarQube、GitHub 和 Artifactory 的整合,擴展 Jenkins 的 CI 功能
- 利用容器和雲端來擴展 Jenkins,以實現最佳性能
- 掌握 Jenkins 声明式語法,豐富您的流程編碼詞彙
- 使用最佳實踐增強安全性,改進 CI/CD 流程中的流程代碼

本書適合廣泛的讀者群,從學習敏捷軟體開發的大學生到有經驗的開發人員、測試人員、發布工程師和專案經理。如果您已經在使用 Jenkins 進行 CI,本書將幫助您提升項目到 CD 級別。無論您對敏捷、CI 和 CD 的概念是新的,還是一位尋求 JCasC、IaC 和 Azure 進階見解的 DevOps 工程師,本書都將為您提供利用 Jenkins 提高生產力和在雲端中實現流暢交付的工具。」