ChatGPT for Cybersecurity Cookbook: Learn practical generative AI recipes to supercharge your cybersecurity skills

Bodungen, Clint

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Master ChatGPT and the OpenAI API and harness the power of cutting-edge generative AI and large language models to revolutionize the way you perform penetration testing, threat detection, and risk assessment.

Key Features

  • Enhance your skills by leveraging ChatGPT to generate complex commands, write code, and create tools
  • Automate penetration testing, risk assessment, and threat detection tasks using the OpenAI API and Python programming
  • Revolutionize your approach to cybersecurity with an AI-powered toolkit
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

Are you ready to unleash the potential of AI-driven cybersecurity? This cookbook takes you on a journey toward enhancing your cybersecurity skills, whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional. By leveraging cutting-edge generative AI and large language models such as ChatGPT, you'll gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

ChatGPT for Cybersecurity Cookbook shows you how to automate and optimize various cybersecurity tasks, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, risk assessment, and threat detection. Each recipe demonstrates step by step how to utilize ChatGPT and the OpenAI API to generate complex commands, write code, and even create complete tools. You'll discover how AI-powered cybersecurity can revolutionize your approach to security, providing you with new strategies and techniques for tackling challenges. As you progress, you'll dive into detailed recipes covering attack vector automation, vulnerability scanning, GPT-assisted code analysis, and more. By learning to harness the power of generative AI, you'll not only expand your skillset but also increase your efficiency.

By the end of this cybersecurity book, you'll have the confidence and knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve, mastering the latest generative AI tools and techniques in cybersecurity.

What you will learn

  • Master ChatGPT prompt engineering for complex cybersecurity tasks
  • Use the OpenAI API to enhance and automate penetration testing
  • Implement artificial intelligence-driven vulnerability assessments and risk analyses
  • Automate threat detection with the OpenAI API
  • Develop custom AI-enhanced cybersecurity tools and scripts
  • Perform AI-powered cybersecurity training and exercises
  • Optimize cybersecurity workflows using generative AI-powered techniques

Who this book is for

This book is for cybersecurity professionals, IT experts, and enthusiasts looking to harness the power of ChatGPT and the OpenAI API in their cybersecurity operations. Whether you're a red teamer, blue teamer, or security researcher, this book will help you revolutionize your approach to cybersecurity with generative AI-powered techniques. A basic understanding of cybersecurity concepts along with familiarity in Python programming is expected. Experience with command-line tools and basic knowledge of networking concepts and web technologies is also required.


掌握ChatGPT和OpenAI API,利用尖端的生成式AI和大型語言模型,革新您進行滲透測試、威脅檢測和風險評估的方式。


- 利用ChatGPT生成複雜指令、編寫程式碼和創建工具,提升您的技能
- 使用OpenAI API和Python編程自動化滲透測試、風險評估和威脅檢測任務
- 以AI為動力的工具包,革新您的網絡安全方法
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《ChatGPT for Cybersecurity Cookbook》向您展示如何自動化和優化各種網絡安全任務,包括滲透測試、漏洞評估、風險評估和威脅檢測。每個示例都逐步演示了如何利用ChatGPT和OpenAI API生成複雜指令、編寫程式碼,甚至創建完整的工具。您將發現AI驅動的網絡安全如何革新您的安全方法,為您應對挑戰提供新的策略和技術。隨著學習的深入,您將深入研究攻擊向量自動化、漏洞掃描、GPT輔助代碼分析等詳細示例。通過學習利用生成式AI的能力,您不僅可以擴展技能,還可以提高效率。



- 掌握ChatGPT提示工程,應對複雜的網絡安全任務
- 使用OpenAI API增強和自動化滲透測試
- 實施基於人工智能的漏洞評估和風險分析
- 使用OpenAI API自動化威脅檢測
- 開發定制的AI增強網絡安全工具和腳本
- 進行基於AI的網絡安全培訓和練習
- 利用生成式AI技術優化網絡安全工作流程


本書適合網絡安全專業人士、IT專家和愛好者,他們希望在網絡安全操作中利用ChatGPT和OpenAI API的威力。無論您是紅隊、藍隊還是安全研究人員,本書都將幫助您以生成式AI技術革新您的網絡安全方法。預期讀者具備基本的網絡安全概念和Python編程知識,並熟悉命令行工具、網絡概念和網絡技術的基礎知識。


  1. Getting Started: ChatGPT, the OpenAI API, and Prompt Engineering
  2. Vulnerability Assessment
  3. Code Analysis and Secure Development
  4. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  5. Security Awareness and Training
  6. Red Teaming and Penetration Testing
  7. Threat Monitoring and Detection
  8. Incident Response
  9. Using Local Models and Other Frameworks
  10. The Latest OpenAI Features


1. 入門指南:ChatGPT、OpenAI API和提示工程
2. 漏洞評估
3. 代碼分析和安全開發
4. 治理、風險和合規性(GRC)
5. 安全意識和培訓
6. 紅隊測試和滲透測試
7. 威脅監控和檢測
8. 事件應對
9. 使用本地模型和其他框架
10. 最新的OpenAI功能