Hands-On RESTful Web Services with Go, Second Edition

Yellavula, Naren

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  • 出版日期: 2020-02-28
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Building RESTful web services can be tough as there are countless standards and ways to develop API. In modern architectures such as microservices, RESTful APIs are common in communication, making idiomatic and scalable API development crucial. This book covers basic through to advanced API development concepts and supporting tools.

You’ll start with an introduction to REST API development before moving on to building the essential blocks for working with Go. You’ll explore routers, middleware, and available open source web development solutions in Go to create robust APIs, and understand the application and database layers to build RESTful web services. You’ll learn various data formats like protocol buffers and JSON, and understand how to serve them over HTTP and gRPC. After covering advanced topics such as asynchronous API design and GraphQL for building scalable web services, you’ll discover how microservices can benefit from REST. You’ll also explore packaging artifacts in the form of containers and understand how to set up an ideal deployment ecosystem for web services. Finally, you’ll cover the provisioning of infrastructure using infrastructure as code (IaC) and secure your REST API.

By the end of the book, you’ll have intermediate knowledge of web service development and be able to apply the skills you’ve learned in a practical way.


建立RESTful網路服務可能會很困難,因為有無數的標準和開發API的方式。在現代架構中,如微服務,RESTful API在通訊中很常見,因此具有成語化和可擴展的API開發至關重要。本書涵蓋了從基礎到高級的API開發概念和支援工具。

您將從介紹REST API開發開始,然後進一步建立與Go一起工作的基本模塊。您將探索路由器、中間件和Go中可用的開源網路開發解決方案,以建立強大的API,並了解應用程序和數據庫層以建立RESTful網路服務。您將學習各種數據格式,如協議緩衝區和JSON,並了解如何通過HTTP和gRPC提供它們。在涵蓋了異步API設計和用於構建可擴展網路服務的GraphQL等高級主題後,您將發現微服務如何從REST中受益。您還將探索以容器形式打包工件,並了解如何為網路服務建立理想的部署生態系統。最後,您將涵蓋使用基礎設施即代碼(IaC)進行基礎設施供應,並保護您的REST API。



Naren Yellavula, known in the developer community as Naren Arya, started his programming career in a somewhat surprising manner. He ditched mechanical engineering in favor of computer science after watching The Matrix for the first time. With domain expertise in cloud telephony and e-commerce, Naren has a total of 6 years' professional experience and 10 years of programming experience. His articles on open source have been read over a million times worldwide. Naren has spoken at the PyCon India conference on two occasions. He currently works as a software engineer, building microservices for Tradebyte Software GmbH (a Zalando enterprise). In his spare time, he travels to new places. He also loves reading – nonfiction most of the time, and Victorian and Russian fiction on occasion.


Naren Yellavula,也被開發者社群稱為Naren Arya,以一種有些令人驚訝的方式開始了他的程式設計生涯。在第一次觀看《駭客任務》後,他放棄了機械工程,轉而選擇了計算機科學。Naren在雲端電話和電子商務領域具有專業知識,擁有6年的專業經驗和10年的程式設計經驗。他在開源領域的文章在全球已經被閱讀超過一百萬次。Naren曾兩次在PyCon India會議上發表演講。他目前在Tradebyte Software GmbH(Zalando企業)擔任軟體工程師,負責建立微服務。在閒暇時間,他喜歡到新的地方旅行。他也喜歡閱讀 - 大部分時間閱讀非虛構作品,偶爾閱讀維多利亞時代和俄羅斯小說。


  1. Getting Started with REST API Development
  2. Handling Routing for our Rest Services
  3. Working with Middleware and RPC
  4. Simplifying RESTful Services with Popular Go Frameworks
  5. Working with MongoDB and Go to Create a REST API
  6. Working with Protocol Buffers and gRPC
  7. Working with PostgreSQL, JSON, and Go
  8. Building a REST API Client in Go
  9. Asynchronous API Design
  10. GraphQL and Go
  11. Scaling our REST API Using Microservices
  12. Containerizing REST Services for Deployment
  13. Deploying REST Services On Amazon Web Services
  14. Handling Authentication for our REST Services


- 開始使用 REST API 開發
- 處理我們的 REST 服務的路由
- 使用中介軟體和 RPC 進行工作
- 使用流行的 Go 框架簡化 RESTful 服務
- 使用 MongoDB 和 Go 創建 REST API
- 使用 Protocol Buffers 和 gRPC 進行工作
- 使用 PostgreSQL、JSON 和 Go 進行工作
- 在 Go 中建立 REST API 客戶端
- 非同步 API 設計
- GraphQL 和 Go
- 使用微服務擴展我們的 REST API
- 將 REST 服務容器化以進行部署
- 在 Amazon Web Services 上部署 REST 服務
- 處理我們的 REST 服務的身份驗證