Complete iOS 12 Development Guide

Craig Clayton , Donny Wals

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Key Features

  • Explore the distinctive design principles that define the iOS user experience
  • Train and use machine learning models with Core ML 2 and Create ML
  • Delve into advanced animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator and UIKitDynamics

Book Description

With Apple users spending more money in the App Store, there are plenty of development opportunities for professional iOS developers.

This Learning Path is a direct route to iOS development, which will take you through the basics and help you put principles into practice. For experienced programmers, this book will help you gain insights into the latest iOS 12 features. This book is also useful for beginners who want to gain expertise in iOS development. You'll start with an introduction to iOS development, Xcode, and Swift. To give your app the edge, you'll get up to speed with advanced iOS topics, such as gestures and animations. Next, you will understand the latest Swift 4.2 and iOS 12 developments by incorporating new features, such as the latest in notifications, custom-UI notifications, maps, and recent additions in SiriKit. With these tools, you'll be able to write efficient, readable, and maintainable Swift code that maintains industry best practices.

By the end of the book, you will have the confidence to build iOS 12 applications that harness advanced techniques and make the best use of the latest features.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • iOS 12 Programming for Beginners - Third Edition by Craig Clayton
  • Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition by Donny Wals

What you will learn

  • Build a responsive user interface (UI) and add privacy to your custom-rich notifications
  • Set up SiriKit to add voice for Siri shortcuts
  • Integrate iMessage, Siri, and more in your app through app extensions
  • Use TestFlight to collect feedback before releasing your apps on the App Store
  • Use Auto Layout to create complex layouts that look visually appealing on any device
  • Enhance your app by building your own profiling tools
  • Create engaging augmented reality experiences with ARKit 2

Who this book is for

If you are completely new to Swift, iOS, or programming and want to become an expert in developing iOS applications, this Learning Path is for you. You'll also find this Learning Path useful if you're an experienced programmer looking to explore the latest iOS 12 features.



- 探索定義 iOS 用戶體驗的獨特設計原則
- 使用 Core ML 2 和 Create ML 訓練和使用機器學習模型
- 深入研究使用 UIViewPropertyAnimator 和 UIKitDynamics 的高級動畫


隨著蘋果用戶在 App Store 上花費更多金錢,對於專業 iOS 開發人員來說,有許多開發機會。這本學習路徑是直接通往 iOS 開發的途徑,將帶領您從基礎知識開始,並幫助您將原則付諸實踐。對於有經驗的程序員來說,本書將幫助您瞭解最新的 iOS 12 功能。對於想要在 iOS 開發中獲得專業知識的初學者也很有用。您將從 iOS 開發、Xcode 和 Swift 的介紹開始。為了使您的應用程序更具競爭力,您將迅速掌握高級 iOS 主題,如手勢和動畫。接下來,您將通過整合新功能(例如最新的通知、自定義 UI 通知、地圖和 SiriKit 的最新添加)來瞭解最新的 Swift 4.2 和 iOS 12 開發。使用這些工具,您將能夠編寫高效、可讀性強且易於維護的 Swift 代碼,並遵循行業最佳實踐。

通過閱讀本書,您將有信心構建利用先進技術並充分利用最新功能的 iOS 12 應用程序。

本學習路徑包括以下 Packt 產品的內容:

- 《iOS 12 Programming for Beginners - Third Edition》(作者:Craig Clayton)
- 《Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition》(作者:Donny Wals)


- 構建響應式用戶界面(UI)並為自定義豐富通知添加隱私
- 設置 SiriKit 以添加 Siri 快捷方式的語音功能
- 通過應用擴展在應用程序中集成 iMessage、Siri 等功能
- 在將應用程序發布到 App Store 之前使用 TestFlight 收集反饋
- 使用自動佈局在任何設備上創建外觀精美的複雜佈局
- 通過構建自己的性能分析工具來增強應用程序
- 使用 ARKit 2 創建引人入勝的擴增實境體驗

本書適合對 Swift、iOS 或編程完全陌生且希望成為 iOS 應用程序開發專家的讀者。如果您是有經驗的程序員並希望探索最新的 iOS 12 功能,本書也對您有用。


Table of Contents

(N.B. Please use the Look Inside option to see further chapters)

  1. Getting Familiar with Xcode
  2. Building a Foundation with Swift
  3. Building on the Swift Foundation
  4. Digging Deeper
  5. Digging into Collections
  6. Starting the UI Setup
  7. Setting Up the Basic Structure
  8. Building Our App Structure in Storyboard
  9. Finishing Up Our App Structure in Storyboard
  10. Designing Cells
  11. Getting Started with the Grid
  12. Adding Core Data to Your App
  13. Fetching and Displaying Data from the Network
  14. Being Proactive with Background Fetch
  15. Syncing Data with CloudKit
  16. Using Augmented Reality
  17. Improving Apps With Location Services
  18. Making Smarter Apps with CoreML
  19. Tracking Activity Using HealthKit
  20. Streamlining Experiences with Siri
  21. Using Media in Your App
  22. Implementing Rich Notifications
  23. Instant Information with a Today Extension
  24. Exchanging Data With Drag And Drop
  25. Improved Discoverability with Spotlight and Universal Links
  26. Extending iMessage




1. 熟悉 Xcode
2. 使用 Swift 建立基礎
3. 在 Swift 基礎上建立
4. 深入探索
5. 深入研究集合
6. 開始設置使用者介面
7. 建立基本結構
8. 在 Storyboard 中建立應用程式結構
9. 在 Storyboard 中完成應用程式結構
10. 設計儲存格
11. 開始使用網格
12. 將 Core Data 加入您的應用程式
13. 從網路擷取和顯示資料
14. 使用背景擷取主動處理資料
15. 使用 CloudKit 同步資料
16. 使用擴增實境
17. 使用定位服務改進應用程式
18. 使用 CoreML 建立更智慧的應用程式
19. 使用 HealthKit 追蹤活動
20. 使用 Siri 簡化體驗
21. 在應用程式中使用媒體
22. 實現豐富通知
23. 使用今日視圖擷取即時資訊
24. 使用拖放交換資料
25. 使用 Spotlight 和通用連結提升應用程式的可發現性
26. 擴展 iMessage