Quantum Computing in Practice with Qiskit(R) and IBM Quantum Experience(R): Practical recipes for quantum computer coding at the gate and algorithm le

Norlén, Hassi



Understand the nuances of programming traditional quantum computers and solve the challenges of the future while building and executing quantum programs on IBM Quantum hardware and simulators

Key Features

  • Work your way up from writing a simple quantum program to programming complex quantum algorithms
  • Explore the probabilistic nature of qubits by performing quantum coin tosses and using random number generators
  • Delve into quantum algorithms and their practical applications in various domains

Long Description

IBM Quantum Experience(R) is a leading platform for programming quantum computers and implementing quantum solutions directly on the cloud. This book will help you get up to speed with programming quantum computers and provide solutions to the most common problems and challenges.

You'll start with a high-level overview of IBM Quantum Experience(R) and Qiskit(R), where you will perform the installation while writing some basic quantum programs. This introduction puts less emphasis on the theoretical framework and more emphasis on recent developments such as Shor's algorithm and Grover's algorithm. Next, you'll delve into Qiskit(R), a quantum information science toolkit, and its constituent packages such as Terra, Aer, Ignis, and Aqua. You'll cover these packages in detail, exploring their benefits and use cases. Later, you'll discover various quantum gates that Qiskit(R) offers and even deconstruct a quantum program with their help, before going on to compare Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) and Universal Fault-Tolerant quantum computing using simulators and actual hardware. Finally, you'll explore quantum algorithms and understand how they differ from classical algorithms, along with learning how to use pre-packaged algorithms in Qiskit(R) Aqua.

By the end of this quantum computing book, you'll be able to build and execute your own quantum programs using IBM Quantum Experience(R) and Qiskit(R) with Python.

What You Will Learn

  • Visualize a qubit in Python and understand the concept of superposition
  • Install a local Qiskit(R) simulator and connect to actual quantum hardware
  • Compose quantum programs at the level of circuits using Qiskit(R) Terra
  • Compare and contrast Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum computing (NISQ) and Universal Fault-Tolerant quantum computing using simulators and IBM Quantum(R) hardware
  • Mitigate noise in quantum circuits and systems using Qiskit(R) Ignis
  • Understand the difference between classical and quantum algorithms by implementing Grover's algorithm in Qiskit(R)

Who this book is for

This book is for developers, data scientists, machine learning researchers, or quantum computing enthusiasts who want to understand how to use IBM Quantum Experience(R) and Qiskit(R) to implement quantum solutions and gain practical quantum computing experience. Python programming experience is a must to grasp the concepts covered in the book more effectively. Basic knowledge of quantum computing will also be beneficial.


了解傳統量子計算機的細微差異,並在IBM Quantum硬體和模擬器上建立和執行量子程式,解決未來的挑戰。

- 從編寫簡單的量子程式到編寫複雜的量子算法
- 通過執行量子硬幣投擲和使用隨機數生成器來探索量子位元的概率性質
- 深入研究量子算法及其在各個領域的實際應用

《IBM Quantum Experience(R)》是一個領先的量子計算機編程平台,可直接在雲端上實現量子解決方案。本書將幫助您快速掌握量子計算機編程並提供解決常見問題和挑戰的解決方案。

您將從高層次概述《IBM Quantum Experience(R)》和Qiskit(R)開始,並在進行一些基本的量子程式編寫時進行安裝。本書的介紹較少強調理論框架,更注重最近的發展,如Shor算法和Grover算法。接下來,您將深入研究Qiskit(R),一個量子信息科學工具包,以及其包括Terra、Aer、Ignis和Aqua在內的組成部分。您將詳細介紹這些包,探索它們的優點和用例。隨後,您將了解Qiskit(R)提供的各種量子門,甚至可以借助它們解構量子程式,然後通過使用模擬器和實際硬體比較Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ)和通用容錯量子計算。最後,您將探索量子算法,了解它們與經典算法的不同之處,並學習如何在Qiskit(R) Aqua中使用預打包的算法。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠使用Python在IBM Quantum Experience(R)和Qiskit(R)上建立和執行自己的量子程式。

本書適合開發人員、數據科學家、機器學習研究人員或量子計算愛好者,他們希望了解如何使用IBM Quantum Experience(R)和Qiskit(R)實現量子解決方案並獲得實際的量子計算經驗。具備Python編程經驗將有助於更有效地理解本書中涵蓋的概念。對量子計算的基本知識也將有所裨益。