Microsoft Visual C++ Windows Applications by Example: Code and explanation for real-world MFC C++ Applications (Paperback)

Stefan Björnander



In Detail

With this book you will learn how to create applications using MDI, complex file formats, text parsing and processing, graphics, and interactions. Every essential skill required to build Windows desktop-style applications is covered in the context of fully working examples.

The book begins with a quick primer on the C++ language, and using the Visual C++ IDE to create Windows applications. This acts as a recap for existing C++ programmers, and a quick guide to the language if you've not worked with C++ before. The book then moves into a set of comprehensive example applications, presenting the important parts of the code with explanation of how it works, and how and when to use similar techniques in your own applications.

The applications include: a Tetris-style game, a drawing application, a spreadsheet, and a word processor.

If you know the C++ language, or another Windows-based programming language, and want to use C++ to write real, complex applications then this book is ideal for you.

What you will learn from this book?

When you read this book, you will learn to:
  • Build larger, more powerful, user friendly C++ applications
  • Create MDI (multiple document interface) applications and use other Windows application interface elements
  • Create memory structures for complex application objects: documents, spreadsheets, drawings
  • Save files to represent these memory structures
  • Parse and process text, display interactive graphics, and handle input from the mouse and the keyboard

Who this book is written for?

The book is ideal for programmers who have worked with C++ or other Windows-based programming languages. It provides developers with everything they need to build complex desktop applications using C++.

If you have already learned the C++ language, and want to take your programming to the next level, then this book is ideal for you.



書籍以快速介紹C++語言和使用Visual C++ IDE創建Windows應用程式開始。這部分對於已經熟悉C++的程式設計師來說是複習,對於沒有接觸過C++的人來說是一個快速入門指南。接下來,書籍通過一系列全面的實例應用程式,展示代碼的重要部分並解釋其工作原理,以及在自己的應用程式中何時以及如何使用類似的技術。



- 建立更大、更強大、更易於使用的C++應用程式
- 創建MDI(多文件介面)應用程式並使用其他Windows應用程式介面元素
- 建立複雜應用程式物件的記憶體結構:文件、試算表、繪圖
- 儲存檔案以表示這些記憶體結構
- 解析和處理文字、顯示互動圖形,並處理滑鼠和鍵盤的輸入