SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook

Santos Donabel

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  • 出版日期: 2012-10-15
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1849686467
  • ISBN-13: 9781849686464
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This versatile book is a great work companion if you're a SQL Server database professional who wants to exploit the potential of PowerShell. Dip into the recipes or treat it like a training course - the choice is yours.

  • Provides over a hundred practical recipes that utilize PowerShell to automate, integrate and simplify SQL Server tasks
  • Offers easy to follow, step-by-step guide to getting the most out of SQL Server and PowerShell
  • Covers numerous guidelines, tips, and explanations on how and when to use PowerShell cmdlets, WMI, SMO, .NET classes or other components
  • Builds a strong foundation that gets you comfortable using PowerShell with SQL Server--empowering you to create more complex scripts that you need in your day-to-day job

In Detail

PowerShell is Microsoft's new command-line shell and scripting language that promises to simplify automation and integration across different Microsoft applications and components. Database professionals can leverage PowerShell by utilizing its numerous built-in cmdlets, or using any of the readily available .NET classes, to automate database tasks, simplify integration, or just discover new ways to accomplish the job at hand.

"SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook" provides easy-to-follow, practical examples for the busy database professional. Whether you're auditing your servers, or exporting data, or deploying reports, there is a recipe that you can use right away!

You start off with basic topics to get you going with SQL Server and PowerShell scripts and progress into more advanced topics to help you manage and administer your SQL Server databases.

The first few chapters demonstrate how to work with SQL Server settings and objects, including exploring objects, creating databases, configuring server settings, and performing inventories. The book then deep dives into more administration topics like backup and restore, credentials, policies, jobs, snapshots, publications, and subscriptions.

Additional development and BI-specific topics are also explored, including deploying and downloading assemblies, BLOB data, SSIS packages, and SSRS reports.

A short PowerShell primer is also provided as a supplement in the Appendix, which the database professional can use as a refresher or occasional reference material. Packed with more than 100 practical, ready-to-use scripts, "SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook" will be your go-to reference in automating and managing SQL Server.

What you will learn from this book

  • Create an inventory of database properties and server configuration settings
  • Backup and restore databases
  • Execute queries to multiple servers
  • Maintain permissions and security for users
  • Import and export XML into SQL Server
  • Extract CLR assemblies and BLOB objects from the database
  • Explore database objects
  • Manage and deploy SSIS packages and SSRS reports
  • Manage and monitor running SQL Server services and accounts
  • Parse and display the contents of trace files
  • Create SQL Server jobs, alerts and operators
  • Find blocking processes that are hampering your database performance


這本多功能的書籍是一位 SQL Server 資料庫專業人員的絕佳工作夥伴,如果你想要充分利用 PowerShell 的潛力,這本書可以讓你輕鬆上手。你可以隨意翻閱其中的範例,或者把它當作一門培訓課程,完全由你決定。

本書提供了超過一百個實用的範例,利用 PowerShell 自動化、整合和簡化 SQL Server 任務。它提供了易於跟隨的逐步指南,讓你充分發揮 SQL Server 和 PowerShell 的潛力。書中還包含了許多指南、技巧和解釋,告訴你何時以及如何使用 PowerShell cmdlets、WMI、SMO、.NET 類別或其他元件。

本書建立了一個堅實的基礎,讓你能夠熟練地使用 PowerShell 與 SQL Server,讓你能夠在日常工作中創建更複雜的腳本。


PowerShell 是微軟的新命令行殼層和腳本語言,承諾簡化跨不同微軟應用程序和元件的自動化和整合。資料庫專業人員可以利用 PowerShell,利用其眾多內建的 cmdlets,或使用任何現成的 .NET 類別,自動化資料庫任務,簡化整合,或發現完成工作的新方法。

《SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook》提供了易於跟隨的實用範例,適合忙碌的資料庫專業人員使用。無論你是審核伺服器、匯出資料還是部署報表,這本書都有適合你的範例可以立即使用!

你將從基礎主題開始,逐步進入更高級的主題,幫助你管理和管理 SQL Server 資料庫。前幾章介紹了如何使用 SQL Server 設定和物件,包括探索物件、創建資料庫、配置伺服器設定和進行盤點。然後,本書深入探討了更多的管理主題,如備份和還原、憑證、策略、工作、快照、發布和訂閱。

書中還探討了其他開發和商業智能相關的主題,包括部署和下載組件、BLOB 資料、SSIS 封裝和 SSRS 報表。

附錄中還提供了一個簡短的 PowerShell 入門指南,資料庫專業人員可以用作複習或偶爾參考的資料。《SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook》擁有超過 100 個實用的、隨時可用的腳本,將成為你自動化和管理 SQL Server 的首選參考資料。


- 創建資料庫屬性和伺服器配置設定的清單
- 備份和還原資料庫
- 對多個伺服器執行查詢
- 維護使用者的權限和安全性
- 導入和導出 XML 到 SQL Server
- 從資料庫中提取 CLR 組件和 BLOB 物件
- 探索資料庫物件
- 管理和部署 SSIS 封裝和 SSRS 報表
- 管理和監控運行中的 SQL Server 服務和帳戶
- 解析和顯示追蹤檔案的內容
- 創建 SQL Server 工作、警報和操作者
- 查找影響資料庫性能的阻塞進程