Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Cookbook, 2/e (Paperback)

Jonas Andersson, Mike Pfeiffer

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  • 出版日期: 2013-05-20
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  • ISBN-13: 9781849689427
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Benefit from over 120 recipes that tackle the everyday issues that arise with Microsoft Exchange Server. Using PowerShell you'll learn to add scripts that provide new functions and efficiencies. Only basic knowledge required.


  • Newly updated and improved for Exchange Server 2013 and PowerShell 3
  • Learn how to write scripts and functions, schedule scripts to run automatically, and generate complex reports with PowerShell
  • Manage and automate every element of Exchange Server 2013 with PowerShell such as mailboxes, distribution groups, and address lists

In Detail

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is a complex messaging system. Windows PowerShell 3 can be used in conjunction with Exchange Server 2013 to automate and manage routine and complex tasks to save time, money, and eliminate errors.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Cookbook: Second Edition offers more than 120 recipes and solutions to everyday problems and tasks encountered in the management and administration of Exchange Server. If you want to write scripts that help you create mailboxes, monitor server resources, and generate detailed reports, then this Cookbook is for you.

This practical guide to Powershell and Exchange Server 2013 will help you automate and manage time-consuming and reoccurring tasks quickly and efficiently. Starting by going through key PowerShell concepts and the Exchange Management Shell, this book will get you automating tasks that used to take hours in no time.

With practical recipes on the management of recipients and mailboxes as well as distribution groups and address lists, this book will save you countless hours on repetitive tasks. Diving deeper, you will then manage your mailbox database, client access, and your transport servers with simple but effective scripts.

This book finishes with advanced recipes on Exchange Server problems such as server monitoring as well as maintaining high availability and security. If you want to control every aspect of Exchange Server 2013 and learn how to save time with PowerShell, then this cookbook is for you.

What you will learn from this book

  • New features and capabilities of PowerShell 3 and Exchange Server 2013
  • Get to grips with the core PowerShell concepts required to master the Exchange Management Shell such as pipelining, working with objects, formatting output, and writing scripts
  • Use simple PowerShell scripts and commands for powerful effect
  • Monitor server resources including CPU, memory, disk, event logs, and more using PowerShell
  • Generate detailed reports, send the output of commands in e-mail messages, and schedule scripts to run automatically
  • Import, export, move mailboxes, and delete messages from mailboxes using the command line
  • Configure transport server settings such as mail relay, tracking logs, transport rules, delivery reports, and more
  • Manage mailbox and public folder databases


This book is written in a Cookbook-style format and provides practical, immediately usable task-based recipes that show you how to manage and maintain your Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 environment with Windows PowerShell 3. Each chapter of the book is written so that it can be used as a desktop reference, or it can be read from beginning to end, allowing you to build a solid foundation for building scripts in your Exchange environment.


從超過120個食譜中受益,這些食譜解決了使用Microsoft Exchange Server時出現的日常問題。使用PowerShell,您將學習添加提供新功能和效率的腳本。只需要基本知識。


- 適用於Exchange Server 2013和PowerShell 3的最新更新和改進
- 學習如何編寫腳本和函數,安排腳本自動運行,並使用PowerShell生成複雜的報告
- 使用PowerShell管理和自動化Exchange Server 2013的每個元素,例如郵箱,分發組和地址列表


Microsoft Exchange Server 2013是一個複雜的消息系統。Windows PowerShell 3可以與Exchange Server 2013一起使用,自動化和管理常規和複雜的任務,節省時間,金錢並消除錯誤。

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Cookbook: 第二版提供了超過120個食譜和解決方案,用於管理和管理Exchange Server時遇到的日常問題和任務。如果您想編寫幫助您創建郵箱,監視服務器資源並生成詳細報告的腳本,那麼這本食譜適合您。

這本關於Powershell和Exchange Server 2013的實用指南將幫助您快速高效地自動化和管理耗時且重複出現的任務。從介紹關鍵的PowerShell概念和Exchange管理Shell開始,本書將使您能夠在短時間內自動化需要數小時的任務。


本書以高級食譜結束,解決Exchange Server問題,例如服務器監控以及維護高可用性和安全性。如果您想控制Exchange Server 2013的每個方面並學習如何通過PowerShell節省時間,那麼這本食譜適合您。


- PowerShell 3和Exchange Server 2013的新功能和能力
- 掌握Exchange管理Shell所需的核心PowerShell概念,例如管道,對象操作,格式化輸出和編寫腳本
- 使用簡單的PowerShell腳本和命令產生強大的效果
- 使用PowerShell監控服務器資源,包括CPU,內存,磁盤,事件日誌等
- 生成詳細報告,將命令的輸出發送到電子郵件中,並安排腳本自動運行
- 使用命令行導入,導出,移動郵箱和刪除郵件
- 配置傳輸服務器設置,例如郵件中繼,跟踪日誌,傳輸規則,傳送報告等
- 管理郵箱和公共文件夾數據庫


本書以食譜風格的格式撰寫,提供實用且可立即使用的基於任務的食譜,向您展示如何使用Windows PowerShell 3管理和維護Microsoft Exchange Server 2013環境。本書的每一章都可以作為桌面參考使用,或者可以從頭到尾閱讀,讓您在Exchange環境中建立腳本的堅實基礎。