Beginning Visual Basic .NET Databases

Denise Gosnell, Matthew Reynolds, Bill Forgey

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This book has been fully tested on and is compliant with the official release of NET.

Almost all applications have to deal with data access in some way or another. This book will teach you how to build Visual Basic .NET applications that make effective use of databases. Visual Basic .NET is the latest version of the most widely used programming language in the world, popular with professional developers and beginners alike.

Starting with a guide to the basic principles of database design, we then examine how to query databases and how to access their data - both in Windows applications and remotely using the Internet and Web Services. Every new concept is explained thoroughly with Try It Out examples, plenty of code samples, and end-of-chapter questions to test you.

This book covers:

- The basic principles of relational database design

- Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine

- Querying the database with the T-SQL language

- Visual Studio .NET and the Server Explorer

- ADO.NET and the DataSet

- Data binding, updating the database, and conflict resolution

- XML's role in ADO.NET

- Accessing data with ASP.NET and Web Services


這本書已經在.NET的官方版本上進行了全面測試,並符合相關要求。幾乎所有應用程式都需要以某種方式處理數據存取。本書將教你如何建立有效使用資料庫的Visual Basic .NET應用程式。Visual Basic .NET是世界上使用最廣泛的程式語言的最新版本,深受專業開發人員和初學者的喜愛。


- 關聯式資料庫設計的基本原則
- Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine
- 使用T-SQL語言查詢資料庫
- Visual Studio .NET和Server Explorer
- ADO.NET和DataSet
- 資料繫結、更新資料庫和衝突解決
- 使用ASP.NET和Web服務訪問數據