Zeroing in: Geographic Information Systems at Work in the Community (Paperback)

Andy Mitchell




Geographic information systems (GIS) are moving out of the computer lab and into the community. In the 12 stories presented in Zeroing In, people who use GIS in their daily jobs talk about how the technology helps them get the information they need to work smarter and make better decisions. The book shows GIS at work in every aspect of community life: schools, public safety, housing, economic growth, and more.

Zeroing In is an accessible and engaging introduction to GIS for government officials, business people, planners, teachers--anyone who deals with maps and geographic information. Readers will learn how GIS works and how they can use GIS to work more efficiently and improve the quality of life in their community.


地理信息系統(GIS)正在從電腦實驗室走進社區。在《Zeroing In》這本書中,我們將介紹12個使用GIS在日常工作中的人們,他們談論這項技術如何幫助他們獲取所需的信息,以便更加聰明地工作和做出更好的決策。這本書展示了GIS在社區生活的各個方面的應用,包括學校、公共安全、住房、經濟增長等等。

《Zeroing In》是一本易於理解且引人入勝的GIS入門書籍,適合政府官員、商業人士、規劃師、教師以及任何與地圖和地理信息打交道的人。讀者將學習到GIS的工作原理以及如何利用GIS提高工作效率,改善社區生活質量。