GIS for Health Organizations (Hardcover)

Laura Lang

  • 出版商: ESRI Press
  • 出版日期: 2000-05-15
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 187910265X
  • ISBN-13: 9781879102651
  • 相關分類: 地理資訊系統 Gis
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From conducting clinical field work in Kenya to constructing new hospitals in Sweden, health professionals use GIS (geographic information systems) to visualize and analyze geographic elements in every branch of health management. Even if you've never seen a GIS, or used one, you see its effects all around you: GIS helps patients check into hospitals faster, speeds ambulances around rush-hour traffic, and shows managers where to build clinics that will serve the most people.

Health care management is a rapidly developing field, where even slight shifts in policy affect the health care we receive. In this book, you'll see how physicians, public health officials, insurance providers, hospitals, epidemiologists, researchers, and HMO executives use GIS to focus resources to meet the needs of those in their care.

GIS for Health Organizations gives detailed and compelling answers to the difficult questions health care providers ask every day: Where is the disease coming from? How will it spread? Where is the nearest hospital? What is the fastest route for the ambulance? Where should we allocate our funding? GIS for Health Organizations presents 12 case studies in which GIS is used to:

  • Track the spread of infectious and environmentally caused diseases
  • Site new hospitals and clinics based on demand and demographic factors
  • Monitor toxic spills to protect the health of nearby residents
  • Map the demand for future nursing home facilities
  • Market pharmaceuticals

    Table of Contents:

    Beyond epidemiology
    Managing spatial information to increase health care efficiency and service, and save lives.
    Starting with the classics
    Bringing CDC-developed GIS software to bear in the science of epidemiology.
    Finding the link
    Investigating how pollution might be contributing to the high rate of breast cancer on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
    Breaking the cycle
    Helping prevent the spread of malaria in western Kenya.
    Making the right calls
    Analyzing sales territories for the world's pharmaceutical companies.
    Comparing apples to apples
    Comparing health care practices by region with GIS software on The Dartmouth Atlas Data Viewer.
    Mapping a niche
    Siting locations for new assisted-living centers in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Getting back to work
    Locating rehabilitation centers where they'll do the most good for employers and injured employees alike.
    Cutting costs
    Uncovering the patterns of injury to help employers reduce costs and make health care more available.
    Making it even
    Managing member enrollment, funding, and facilities siting at a southern California HMO.
    Finding a place
    Managing information overload to create a safe, professional environment for hospital patients and employees.
    Tracking the plumes
    Modeling a toxic spill to help protect people living nearby.





    - 追踪傳染病和環境引起的疾病的傳播
    - 根據需求和人口統計因素選址新醫院和診所
    - 監測有毒泄漏以保護附近居民的健康
    - 繪製未來養老院設施的需求
    - 市場醫藥產品

    - 超越流行病學
    - 從經典開始
    - 尋找聯繫
    - 打破循環
    - 做出正確的決策
    - 進行區域健康保健實踐比較
    - 定位新的輔助生活中心
    - 回到工作崗位
    - 降低成本
    - 使之平等
    - 尋找一個地方
    - 追踪污染物泄漏