Macromedia Flash MX Designer's ActionScript Reference

John Davey, Glen Rhodes, Jen deHaan, Scott Mebberson, Sham Bhangal

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  • 相關分類: ActionScript & FLASH
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If you're serious about Flash design, and if you want to push your ideas to the very limits of possibility in Flash MX, then this book and CD are your indispensable companions.

This book and CD package combines two vital elements:

  • The most comprehensive and in-depth reference resource for Flash MX ActionScript
  • Rich, practical tutorials on using ActionScript effectively in your Flash movie design

We've packed in twenty chapters of tutorials, hundreds of detailed reference entries, and hundreds of example FLAs and SWFs. The CD reproduces and expands the complete ActionScript dictionary, providing you with a comprehensive and portable reference tool. To gain an idea of the CDs content, view our online demonstration. You can view all the dictionary's entries but only the first thirty or so are functional.

Our aim has been to make this book the best Flash MX ActionScript resource, bar none — the book that you'll keep on your desk and never exhaust.

Summary of Contents

  1. Introducing Scripted Motion
  2. Building User Interfaces with ActionScript
  3. The Drawing API
  4. Motion Control
  5. The Sound Object
  6. The Color Object
  7. Performance and Optimization
  8. Advanced Components with ActionScript
  9. Component Styles
  10. Functions and Events
  11. Structuring Content for the Web
  12. Dynamic Text
  13. Time and Timekeeping
  14. Feedback and Debugging
  15. Modular Programming Techniques
  16. Object Oriented Programming Techniques
  17. Talking to the Outside World
  18. Understanding XML (on CD)
  19. Reading XML in Flash (on CD)
  20. XML Sockets (on CD)
    Dictionary - hundreds of pages of complete ActionScript reference material


如果你對於Flash設計非常認真,並且想要在Flash MX中將你的想法推向極限,那麼這本書和光碟將是你不可或缺的伴侶。

- Flash MX ActionScript最全面和深入的參考資源
- 關於如何有效地在Flash電影設計中使用ActionScript的豐富實用教程


我們的目標是使這本書成為最好的Flash MX ActionScript資源,無與倫比的書籍,您將把它放在桌上並永遠不會用完。

1. Scripted Motion介紹
2. 使用ActionScript構建用戶界面
3. 繪圖API
4. 運動控制
5. 音效物件
6. 顏色物件
7. 性能和優化
8. 使用ActionScript創建高級組件
9. 組件樣式
10. 函數和事件
11. 結構化網頁內容
12. 動態文字
13. 時間和時間管理
14. 反饋和調試
15. 模塊化編程技巧
16. 面向對象編程技巧
17. 與外部世界通信
18. 理解XML(在光碟上)
19. 在Flash中讀取XML(在光碟上)
20. XML Sockets(在光碟上)
以及字典 - 數百頁完整的ActionScript參考資料。