Macromedia Flash MX Upgrade Essentials (Paperback)

Sham Bhangal

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This is the book for you if you've been using Flash 5 for a while and are making the switch to Macromedia Flash MX: it's designed to help you get the maximum benefit from Flash MX at the maximum speed. It focuses on what's new and what's important, describing the new features, demonstrating how to use them, and discussing what they mean in the bigger Flash MX/web design perspective.

Flash MX is a seriously powerful tool with a wealth of new features, including a new interface, mightily reinforced ActionScript capabilities, enhanced video and multimedia support, accessibility and usability elements, and a formidable object-based programming paradigm that might change the way you think about Flash and ActionScript.

Sham Bhangal, best-selling author of Foundation Flash 5 and Foundation ActionScript, and a contributor to many books on Flash and ActionScript design, was invited to work closely on the Flash MX beta development programme. In Flash MX Upgrade Essentials Sham takes the reader on a power-users trip through the seriously cool areas of the MX release and shows what awesome potential lies within.

Concentrating on new and upgraded features, this book assumes you are comfortable and competent with Flash 5. By the end of this book, you will be fully familiar with all the fundamentals of Flash MX, and ready to start exploring the new technical and creative avenues it has opened up. Flash MX Upgrade Essentials offers the most efficient way of getting up to speed with the latest version of Flash.


1. Macromedia Flash MX Overview
2. The User Interface
3. The Timeline and the Library
4. Tools
5. The Scripting Environment
6. Building Blocks -- Text, masks, movie clips
7. Introduction to Flash Objects -- Buttons and Text
8. More Flash Objects -- Movie clips and the Drawing API
9. Introduction to Components -- Use and customization
10.Browser Control -- Flash and the User
14.Advanced Component Use
15.Advanced Objects
16.Departure Lounge -- where next?


這本書適合已經使用Flash 5一段時間並且正在轉換到Macromedia Flash MX的讀者,它旨在幫助您以最快的速度充分利用Flash MX。它專注於新功能和重要內容,描述了新功能,演示如何使用它們,並討論它們在更大的Flash MX/網頁設計視角下的意義。

Flash MX是一個非常強大的工具,具有豐富的新功能,包括新的界面,強大的ActionScript功能,增強的視頻和多媒體支持,可訪問性和可用性元素,以及一個強大的基於對象的編程範式,可能會改變您對Flash和ActionScript的思考方式。

Sham Bhangal是暢銷書《Foundation Flash 5》和《Foundation ActionScript》的作者,也是許多關於Flash和ActionScript設計的書籍的貢獻者,他被邀請參與Flash MX測試版開發計劃。在《Flash MX Upgrade Essentials》中,Sham帶領讀者深入了解MX版本中非常酷的領域,展示了其中令人驚嘆的潛力。

這本書專注於新功能和升級功能,假設您對Flash 5感到舒適和熟練。通過閱讀本書,您將完全熟悉Flash MX的所有基礎知識,並準備好開始探索它所開啟的新的技術和創意途徑。《Flash MX Upgrade Essentials》提供了最有效的方式來快速掌握最新版本的Flash。

1. Macromedia Flash MX概述
2. 用戶界面
3. 時間軸和庫
4. 工具
5. 腳本環境
6. 構建模塊 - 文本、遮罩、電影片段
7. Flash對象介紹 - 按鈕和文本
8. 更多Flash對象 - 電影片段和繪圖API
9. 組件介紹 - 使用和自定義
10. 瀏覽器控制 - Flash和用戶
11. 調試
12. 視頻
13. 事件
14. 高級組件使用
15. 高級對象
16. 登機門 - 下一步該去哪裡?