Foundation iMovie 2

Jerome Turner

  • 出版商: Friends of Ed
  • 出版日期: 2002-05-31
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 350
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1903450861
  • ISBN-13: 9781903450864
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Foundation Movie 2 is the ultimate guide to digital video out of the box. Combining simple but professional digital video shooting techniques with a full guide to using iMovie 2 in professional editing, and enhancement, Foundation iMovie 2 also features a chapter on outputting your digital videos to DVD format with iDVD2.

This book gives you the skills necessary to create, edit and enhance professional looking videos, web media, and DVDs, all with something that comes free with your Mac. Its practical, step-by-step examples comprehensively cover digital video post-production, including: video preparation, and capturing footage; cutting techniques and theory, and effective use of transitions; editing audio, recording voice overs, and adding music; applying effects; creative titling and credits; making slideshows; publishing videos to the web; and delivering your productions on video and DVD.

With a full case study and packed with professional tips, this book is the one-stop resource for anyone wanting to create, realise, edit, enhance and deliver great digital video for next to nothing.

iMovie 2 is yours and it owes you a living; or at least a good looking edit of your sister's wedding. Underrated and underused, iMovie sits dormant on too many Macs. Its time you started using it to begin your climb to Hollywood, or just to transform your holiday videos into something more watch-able. What's more, it's time more advanced digital video users realized just how useful iMovie can be.

The cut down simplicity and speed of iMovie make it the ideal companion for professional filmmakers making rough cuts. Equally, the intuitive nature and fact that it's FREE, make it the best choice for the home user, or under-funded aspiring filmmaker. This book will teach you to fully appreciate and harness the power of iMovie 2.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction to Non-Linear Editing and iMovie
  • 2 Getting to Know your Hardware
  • 3 Finding Your Way Around iMovie
  • 4 Capturing
  • 5 The First Cut and Basic Editing
  • 6 More Editing: Sound, Transitions and Tweaking
  • 7 More Sound: Voice-overs, Music, and Sound Effects
  • 8 Adding Effects
  • 9 Stills, Titles, and Credits
  • 10 Distribution
  • 11 iDVD Authoring
  • 12 What to do Next


《Foundation Movie 2》是一本從頭開始教授數位影片的終極指南。結合簡單但專業的數位影片拍攝技巧,以及對於使用 iMovie 2 進行專業編輯和增強的完整指南,Foundation iMovie 2 還包括一章關於使用 iDVD2 將數位影片輸出到 DVD 格式的內容。

這本書將教授您創建、編輯和增強專業外觀的影片、網路媒體和 DVD 所需的技能,而這一切都可以免費使用您的 Mac。它的實用、逐步示例全面涵蓋數位影片後期製作,包括:影片準備和擷取素材;剪輯技巧和理論,以及有效使用轉場效果;編輯音訊,錄製旁白和添加音樂;應用特效;創意標題和片尾字幕;製作幻燈片;將影片發佈到網路上;以及將您的作品製作成影片和 DVD。


iMovie 2 是您的,它欠您一個生活;或者至少是您姐姐婚禮的一個好看的剪輯。iMovie 被低估且被過度忽視,太多的 Mac 上都沉睡著它。是時候開始使用它,開始您的好萊塢之旅,或者只是將您的假期影片轉變成更具觀賞性的作品。更重要的是,更多高級數位影片使用者應該意識到 iMovie 可以有多有用。

iMovie 的簡化和快速剪輯使其成為專業電影製片人製作草稿的理想伴侶。同樣地,它直觀的特性和免費的優勢使其成為家庭用戶或資金不足的有抱負電影製片人的最佳選擇。這本書將教您充分欣賞和利用 iMovie 2 的功能。

1. 非線性編輯和 iMovie 簡介
2. 瞭解您的硬體
3. 熟悉 iMovie
4. 擷取素材
5. 第一次剪輯和基本編輯
6. 進一步編輯:音訊、轉場和微調
7. 更多音訊:旁白、音樂和音效
8. 添加特效
9. 靜態圖片、標題和片尾字幕
10. 發佈
11. iDVD 作者
12. 接下來該做什麼