Understanding the IBM WebFacing Tool: A Guided Tour

Claus Weiss, Emily Bruner

  • 出版商: IBM Press
  • 出版日期: 2003-09-01
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  • 售價: 2.0$399
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 568
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1931182094
  • ISBN-13: 9781931182096
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This book, the first in the IBM Press Guided Tour series, describes how to get started with IBM's new WebFacing tool and how to make progress with WebFacing efforts.

The systematic approach presented here takes readers through WebFacing a sample green screen application using IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client. It also demonstrates how to use the different features in the tool to enhance the application after the initial conversion. Even debugging strategies are discussed.

To maximize the speed and completeness of your learning experience, the author takes a practical, hands-on approach to explaining WebFacing features and how to use them. This approach, gained from involvement in defining the capabilities of the WebFacing tool allows you to benefit from both the step-by-step nature of the book as well as the most comprehensive treatment offered on WebFacing training.

The book's many exercises will teach you a variety of features in the WebFacing tool and the WebSphere Development Studio Client product. The relationship between these products will also be explained as well as the reason for each of the various exercises.

Table of Contents:

 Intro to WebFacing
   How it works
      Structure of a web application
      How the WebFacing run time works
      What do you need to make it work
   Hands on section
      Understanding the sample 5250 application
      Creating a new WebFacing project
      Walking through the WebFacing wizard page by page
      Converting the User Interface
      Running the WebFaced application
   Enhancing the Web User Interface
      Starting the CODE designer
      Using WebSetting to create a Hyperlink
      Using WebSettings to hide a subfile column
      Using WebSettings to hide text
      Using WebSetting to change text
      Using WebSettings to change the location of text
      Converting the changed DDS member
      Testing the improved Web User Interface
   Changing the command key WebFacing properties
      Working with the WebFacing properties dialog
      Changing the command key description pattern
      Adding Command key button labels
      Converting the application
      Testing the changes
   Using the WebFacing Styles properties dialog
      Changing the Window appearance
      Changing the appearance of a subfile
      Changing the appearance of push buttons
      Testing the changes
   Using the WebFacing project properties
      Changing the authentication behavior of a WebFaced application
      Testing the changes
   Enhancing the generated index.html page
      Starting Page designer tool
      Changing the Page attributes
      Creating a layout frame
      Adding an animated image
      Creating a LOGO
      Testing the new index.html page
   Debugging the WebFaced application
      Deploying the WebFaced application to WAS5.0 on iSeries
      Deploying the WebFaced application to WAS4.0 on iSeries
      Deploying the WebFaced application to WAS3.5 on iSeries


這本書是IBM Press Guided Tour系列中的第一本,介紹了如何開始使用IBM的新WebFacing工具以及如何在WebFacing項目中取得進展。

這裡介紹的系統化方法將引導讀者使用IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client來進行WebFacing示例綠屏應用程式。它還演示了如何在初始轉換之後使用工具的不同功能來增強應用程式。甚至還討論了調試策略。


本書的許多練習將教您使用WebFacing工具和WebSphere Development Studio Client產品的各種功能。還將解釋這些產品之間的關係以及各種練習的原因。

- WebFacing簡介
- 它的工作原理
- 網絡應用程式的結構
- WebFacing運行時的工作原理
- 使其運作所需的東西
- 實踐部分
- 理解示例5250應用程式
- 創建新的WebFacing項目
- 逐頁瀏覽WebFacing嚮導
- 轉換用戶界面
- 運行WebFaced應用程式
- 增強Web用戶界面
- 啟動CODE設計師
- 使用WebSetting創建超鏈接
- 使用WebSettings隱藏子文件列
- 使用WebSettings隱藏文本
- 使用WebSetting更改文本
- 使用WebSettings更改文本位置
- 轉換已更改的DDS成員
- 測試改進的Web用戶界面
- 更改命令鍵WebFacing屬性
- 使用WebFacing屬性對話框
- 更改命令鍵描述模式
- 添加命令鍵按鈕標籤
- 轉換應用程式
- 測試更改
- 使用WebFacing樣式屬性