Digital Retouching and Compositing: Photographers' Guide (Paperback)

David D. Busch





Written from a photographers point of view, "Digital Retouching and Compositing: Photographers?Guide" solves every snap-shooters real-life problems painlessly. It distills complex topics down to a few pages of explanation and easy steps so users can quickly and dramatically change the way photos look. The book is divided into three parts: Mastering the Basics, Practical Retouching, and Compositing Magic. Each section builds on the last so that readers can become comfortable with making precise selections, doing simple retouching, and adjusting tones and colors before jumping into major topics like retouching portraits or creating realistic composites.    

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Retouching and Compositing from 50,000 Feet

  • Chapter 2-Selecting Objects and Backgrounds
  • Chapter 3-Cloning, Patching, and Healing
  • Chapter 4-Adjusting Tones
  • Chapter 5-Adjusting Color
  • Chapter 6-Simple Retouching Techniques
  • Chapter 7-Retouching Portraits
  • Chapter 8-Creating Duotones, Tritones, Grayscale, and Colorizations
  • Chapter 9-Photorestorations
  • Chapter 10-Simple Cropping and Combining Techniques
  • Chapter 11-Compositing to Improve a Picture
  • Chapter 12-Invisible Compositing
  • Chapter 13-Fantasy Compositing
  • Chapter 14-Compositing and Retouching in Advertising
  • Glossary
  • 商品描述(中文翻譯)






  • 第2章-選擇物體和背景

  • 第3章-克隆、修補和修復

  • 第4章-調整色調

  • 第5章-調整顏色

  • 第6章-簡單修飾技巧

  • 第7章-修飾肖像

  • 第8章-創建雙色調、三色調、灰階和上色效果

  • 第9章-照片修復

  • 第10章-簡單裁剪和組合技巧

  • 第11章-合成以改善圖片

  • 第12章-隱形合成

  • 第13章-幻想合成

  • 第14章-廣告中的合成和修飾

  • 詞彙表