The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense (Paperback)

Joel Comm




Hidden on the Internet, scattered among billions of Web pages, are the clues to an incredible secret. For those who know the secret, the result is untold wealth. Each month, a small group of people - an elite club who have uncovered the mysteries of The AdSense Code- put their knowledge to use and receive checks for tens of thousands of dollars from Google. And untold numbers of additional site owners are regularly generating supplemental income via AdSense while they play, sleep and eat. The AdSense Code is concise and very focused on the objective of revealing the proven online strategies to creating passive income with Google AdSense. The AdSense Code reveals hands-on solutions to many of the concerns and challenges faced by content publishers in their quest to attract targeted traffic, improve content relevance and increase responsiveness to AdSense ads - using easy and legitimate techniques that have worked for those who know the secrets. Google AdSense expert, Joel Comm, provides you with the keys you need to "crack" The AdSense Code and unlock the secrets to making money online.


在數十億個網頁中,隱藏在互聯網上的是一個令人難以置信的秘密的線索。對於那些知道這個秘密的人來說,結果就是無數的財富。每個月,一小群人 - 一個揭示了《AdSense代碼》的奧秘的精英俱樂部 - 將他們的知識應用起來,從Google獲得數以萬計的支票。而無數其他網站擁有者則在玩樂、睡覺和進食的同時,定期通過AdSense產生額外的收入。《AdSense代碼》簡潔而專注於揭示使用Google AdSense創建被動收入的網絡策略。《AdSense代碼》揭示了許多內容發布者在吸引目標流量、提高內容相關性和增加對AdSense廣告的響應能力方面所面臨的問題和挑戰的實用解決方案 - 使用易於操作且合法的技巧,這些技巧對那些知道秘密的人來說是行之有效的。Google AdSense專家Joel Comm為您提供了解開《AdSense代碼》並揭示在線賺錢秘密的關鍵。