Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails

Michael J. Mangino

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  • 出版日期: 2008-11-07
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Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails leads you through the steps necessary to build your first application. You'll get hands-on experience with Facebook technologies such as FBML and FQL, and master messaging and news feeds.

You'll do more than just study the Facebook API-you'll get practical tips from an experienced Facebook developer. We'll cover advanced techniques such as AJAX and asynchronous messaging, and you'll see how to slash development time with facebooker, the leading Ruby library for Facebook Platform development.

Together, we'll build Karate Poke, a real Facebook Platform application, from configuration to deployment. You'll get deep into Facebook requests right off the bat. From there, you'll build the core of Karate Poke and then get a detailed look at the Facebook canvas and social features. We'll finish by looking at advanced features and tips for handling millions of users.

Developing for the Facebook Platform can seem like a different world at first. Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails is your tour guide.



您不僅僅會學習Facebook API,還會從經驗豐富的Facebook開發者那裡獲得實用的技巧。我們將涵蓋高級技術,如AJAX和非同步訊息,並展示如何使用facebooker這個領先的Ruby庫來大幅節省開發時間。

我們將一起從配置到部署,建立一個真實的Facebook平台應用程式Karate Poke。您將立即深入研究Facebook請求。從那裡,您將建立Karate Poke的核心,並詳細了解Facebook的畫布和社交功能。最後,我們將探討處理數百萬用戶的高級功能和技巧。